Monday, 16 January 2017

Queries to Put-Up Before Hiring an Android App Developer

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Android has turned to be the most popular operating system developed by Google and implemented in most of the smart phones and tablets. It has covered the entire arena by approximately 85%. Since Android has covered and dominated the global marketplace, so it is quite essential to leverage a professional who is not only skilled enough in software to reach the vast new markets. But the strategies to be initiated to access by the maximum number of users.
Android has opened up a source platform which always look for highly-skilled and experienced expert who can customize your project to fit according to the vision of the project. The ultimate thing is that competition is quite fierce and the app has to withstand in the thunder. 

How many android apps did the developer executed?

There are various problems that always hamper the performance of android app developer. Like Google Play store crashing which creates the issue of unable to download, Wipe Google Play History and problem of not having a common user interfaces. These are few problems which are always faced by the android App developer. If these disadvantages are aware of by the developer, then less issues are expected to spring-up. So, it is quite inevitable to look for an experienced android mobile app developer.
Another query is to evaluate how much the app development company is reliable. For a good appraisal then you can go to look for the portfolio which will be a better guide to understand how many winning apps did they developed till this date.

What are the core service, the android developer deals with? What is the procedure of conducting the test?

This is although an inevitable fact that app quality directly influence the long term success of not only the app but also to the brand. It is very important that to have a look on the compact set of the core services and the relevant tests. There are various parts of the android app development which includes Visual Design and User Interaction, Functionality, Compatibility, stability and performance, security, Google Play, followed by test procedures. As far as tests procedures are concerned it includes core suite, Installation on SD card, Acceleration on Hardware, Performance and stability, Performance monitoring, battery, security, Google play and Payments.
So it is quite essential to ask if they perform the tests properly. There are various tests which gives the vision to the company if they assures quality?
A mobile application development is a total package of processes starting from comprehensive research to the quality test pre and post launching.
The mobile app developer should be answerable if found any issues with the functionality. Asking for the portfolio is not an ultimate task, there should be proper analysis of the work done before. If required then you may interact with the previous clients so that they you can assure of the fact that you will come up with an incredible app in the intense fierce of competition. 

What about the credentials?

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Reputation of creating android app is the main qualification, but beyond that it is quite essential to see if the clients are not biased. Although a mobile app developer may be efficient enough in creating apps running on iOS platform, it may be a positive sign which gives the vision of credibility in multiple platform, but then you must be aware about the fact that there are difference between the platforms. You can take the help from the media and blogs.
But also don’t forget to see the other side of the coin. It may be possible the developer company may involve in publishing misleading statistics. So to check the authenticity, you can take the help from the Google rankings.

What are the components they consider while pricing the app?

Since the android app developer has to undergo with various challenges, for instance software and hardware fragmentation, innumerable carriers, security high market research costs, patent issues and many more. These challenges put forth direct as well as indirect impact on the cost. Although it is a very big investment so expenses and costs should not be overlooked.
To alleviate this situation, how well an android app developer can absorb these challenges and does not let to fall impact on the cost of the app can be an aspect of evaluation. But it does not give the notion that low cost, effective app. So the above point should be well-evaluated to get the desirable outcome. 


Although there are innumerable questions, this is something very obvious when you are investing massively to get the desirable outcome. But investing is not sufficient, you must develop a good synchronization so that you do not fall into the prey of deceitful app developer.

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