Wednesday, 26 September 2018

A Complete Guide on Mobile Game Monetization

The drastic rise in the number of mobile devices and tech capabilities has fueled the mobile app industry. Of all the apps, Mobile games are one of the most popular apps. As per a report, 80% of the app revenue is earned from the gaming apps in both, iOS and Android OS. This is why there is a huge demand for Mobile App Development Companies that develop gaming apps too. According to the market researchers, the gaming market is going to reach $115 billion by the end of 2018.

Android or iOS app development companies are lucrative and growing continuously without any sign of slowing down. These gaming apps are key factors behind it. But, have you ever thought that how do these mobile games app earn money? No?

Game monetization is the strategy using which these gaming apps make money for its owners, as well as developers. Let’s first understand that what mobile game monetization is before proceeding further.

It is basically a process of earning money with your mobile games. Previously, the notion of mobile games was restricted to free apps with the ads or paid apps. Nevertheless, with the huge change in the market, many new strategies have introduced.

Planning For Mobile Game Monetization

Numerous developers focus on building their idea into a game. However, they sometimes ignore the monetization aspect, which is absolutely wrong. It is recommended to plan mobile game monetization in the beginning while drafting the roadmap for your game. It should be on your priority list.

Different Models for Mobile Game Monetization

·       Free vs. Paid Games

One of the most crucial decisions you need make after the launch of your app is whether you want to make it a free or paid game. Paid applications might assist you to make short-term revenue. However, free apps help you to draw more users and make money in the long-term with the help of in-game ads, as well as purchases. Once you decide the mobile game monetization model, it should not be tough for you to compete in the market. Today, there are merely three paid games available in the top 200 list on the app store.  However, you don’t need to be worried. If your app has the potential to top the rank board, then no one can beat you.

·       In-App Ads

As per InMobi, users who have the mobile phones are more likely click on the ads displayed in the mobile than, rather than a website users.  In-app grabber 80% of the total impressions globally, brought an average click via CTR. This is 2.8x more than those available on the mobile web.  In addition, the average eCPM for in-app ads is approximately 2.5x as compared to mobile web ads.


This is another method to monetize your gaming app. It helps you to connect with a large number of users, more specifically targeted audience so that, you can make money with your app. If we talk about the ad networks, then they are many. Some of them are mentioned below:

Ø MoPub
Ø Unity Ads
Ø StartApp
Ø MobAds
Ø Chartboost
Ø AdMob
Ø AirPush
Ø InMobi

ADS Types

Direct Ads: These are the ads based on cross-promotion of your gaming app or deal you made with the sponsors. The ads get displayed with other platforms or games in these kinds of direct ads.

Banner Ads: These ads have appeared at the base or top of the screen including significant content and pictures.

Rich-Media Ads: Ads as video, audio, or different components that urge watchers to collaborate and connect with the content.

Native Ads: Ads which are incorporated into the game UI with the goal of ad experience, works on the normal form.

Reward Ads: Ads that are conveyed for clients’ impressions or other application installs in return for in-game rewards, such as coins, upgrades, items, and so on.

Event-based Ads: Ads that are activated at a specific point in the game. It also rewards the users with in-game rewards in return.

Which is the Best Model?

Again, it is hard to say that which one is the best model. Do you know why? Everything depends on your game. According to the statistics, in-app purchase is responsible to make the huge income in mobile gaming applications. However, in case it does not make sense to your app then it is recommended not to push for it.

Final Thoughts

As I come to the end on of this blog, I would like to give you one more piece of advice. Mobile game monetization is inevitably huge gold mine however, its overdo might give you negative results. Just like anyone else, you must be looking for the best way to enhance your revenue, but it is recommended not to push too many ads. Moreover, the mobile app developers can even design the app in a way that the ads can be integrated with it efficiently. At last, I would like to suggest that always make sure to balance all the things to earn money from your mobile apps.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

A List of Popular App Development Companies in Canada

Among all the latest technology trends, one of the fastest growing technologies across the globe is mobile application development. Yes, every organization, whether big or small, wants to build its own app. There are numerous benefits of developing a mobile app, but the most crucial one is for enhancing business revenue. Now, this must leads you to a question that how to develop a reliable app? There are different mobile app development companies that can assist you in building an efficient app. These organizations help you to build the best class apps, in order to fulfill the demands of users.

The recent apps have now encouraging several Smartphone users to use these mobile apps rather than websites. Let’s now come to the next common question. How to decide which company is trustworthy that can stand up to your expectations? If you ask someone the same question, then most of the people will say that a good organization would offer customer quality assistance, comfort, and on-time work. Therefore, today I am going to list the top 7 mobile app development companies in Canada that are worth taking assistance.

·    Swenson He

This is the first organization that I want to list not because this is my personal favorite, but its offers unmatched apps’ designs and their execution. This company is known for building high impact and value mobile app solutions. They never outsourced the apps and believe in delivering amazing apps.  Founded in 2014 by MIT alumni, Chao He and Nick Swenson, Swenson He served multiple clients. The organization charges $150 to $199 per hour. It has a team of around 50 people with the relevant experience.

·        Fluper

Another organization that I would like to put on my list is Fluper. What makes the organization praiseworthy is its entire team and the passion for new, as well as cutting-edge technologies. This is why within only a short span of time; it has already served numerous clients from all around the world. With 150+ experienced employees, Fluper is going to set new parameters in the mobile app development sector. It has already served 250+ clients with 99% positive feedbacks.

·        Clearbridge Mobile

Taking about the pioneer app development organization without mentioning the name of Clearbridge is not possible. This is an award-winning company, known for giving customer-centric solutions. Over 200 apps for quick growth and 1000 client makes Clearbridge a well-known and reliable company.

·        Macadamian

It is a full-service software development firm, which is paving its own path in this competitive technology world. From the service or product ideation to the market ready, along with all the in-between procedures, Macadamian deserves to be on this list. They deliver a huge range of usability, engineering, and designing services. The company understands the requirements of their clients thoroughly and then provides the solution according to that In addition; it uses the latest technologies, such as Big Data, IoT or Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc. for the development of mobile apps.

·        Pieoneers

This is a globally known web and mobile app development company in Vancouver that has already conveyed 50+ fruitful web applications, iOS applications with consistent and responsive UI. The group works with set up organizations and aggressive new businesses in the US and Canada and makes high-esteem web applications, Android applications, and iOS applications. All these apps are strengthened with extraordinary client experience, product strategy, and interface.

·        MindSea

MindSea Development offers wonderful, engaging, useful applications, which are frequently highlighted by Apple and are evaluated by more than one million clients around the world. MindSea's believes in a collaborative approach and the team involves specialists in the business examination, project managers, programming engineers, and more. Every one of them is an expert in solving issues and bringing wonderful apps. 

·        Consultica

Consultica is a full-benefit mobile application company working with top-level new businesses, as well as customers. Since 2009, they have created several applications for iOS, Android, and the Web. With a set-up in Canada, in Europe, and also the U.S., Consultica has become one of the favored organizations when it comes to app development. From the fantastic code, client-driven outline and ability to develop impeccable apps, the organization is getting popularity all around the world.  Users can access better and easy to use mobile apps effortlessly.

The Bottom Line

In the following write-up, I have discussed a list of mobile app development organizations in Canada. Hope this guide will help you to pick one. Let me know if I missed any of the important company that you would like to add in the list.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Urge to Crypto Mine May Give Rise to Crime

The news from all over the world has been telling a different story towards the rising crime activities in order to mine the cryptocurrencies relaying on blockchain technologies. Every change has two aspects of it, one that gives immense benefits and the other is a myth breaker and lets you in the dark reality. The reason for the talk of the other side of the coin is the hacking of servers for bitcoin mining purposes in order to increase the incentives earned by the miners for maximizing their blocks. Let us not make vague assumptions and take a look at the news that depicts the origin of a different crime category in cybercrimes.

  • Russian scientist arrested for crypto mining

Now one might wonder there is no ban on mining so why did the Russian scientist got arrested well the mining of rewards you with bitcoins and one can buy almost everything with this currency. The scientist used the supercomputers for mining which denied private access and the security system figured the unwanted activities.

  • Hijacking UK government Computers for mining

The hackers have hijacked up to 4700 websites worldwide to power the mining of cryptocurrencies. The hackers always find a smart way but with unethical means, in this case, they planted the virus named coinhive into the software that was used by the websites in the UK and on every click the officials and students made, it would redirect the access of the users' device to the hacker's computer. Doing this would slow down the users' device speeds including laptops, mobile phones and of course computer. This power is used by the hackers for crypto mining which generates new cryptocurrency as the reward for them and later can be withdrawn as real money.

  • Japenese cryptocurrency exchange hacked and lost $500 Million

The Japenese cryptocurrency exchange named coinheck saw a transaction to an unknown hot wallet, a storage wallet through the internet. This was a local wallet and the transaction took place at 3 a.m. The total loss faced by the exchange was $58 billion yen although the transactions were the attempt to steal was made by the hackers.

The above latest hacks of 2018 calls for some cybersecurity measures by the lawmakers, the researchers, and the coders. The most widely used Internet-based power devices are Smartphone and the accessibility is easy, therefore mobile app development companies can be next stop for hackers to party. Introducing a hacker app to drain the power of mobile phones can be one possibility to use this power for cryptocurrency mining and what not?

To wrap up

Although the creators might have passed the mathematical function through all sort of hacks possible the hackers are as capable as the creators, they eventually found a way to crack those codes and the only way to stop is to prepare for the risk and come up with a safety net for cryptocurrency by the entire community may it be mobile app developers , IT professionals or scientists. The unethical hackers have already originated crime against cryptocurrencies so a common man should invest in cryptocurrency or not? This can only be witnessed over time and till then if you want a security mobile app to secure your payment gateways contact Fluper.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Mobile Applications from Being Famous to Infamous

The Google Play store has 2.8 million Android mobile applications and the Apple's app store is the second largest with 2.2 million iOS mobile applications. The survival of apps in the play store is based on the distinct feature they offer through the application interface. The mobile application developers spend the good amount of hours to develop an application rather than the time users take to rate a particular application.

The response to each application in the app store is uncanny. Few application gives an opening of billions of downloads over the release and goes on really well like Pokémon Go. This game application made the world crazy and everyone wanted to be on Pokémon Go. The other famous applications that had billions of openings download are Sarahah. Every application developed is an idea at first and then its response decides the fate for same.

Now the question is

Why billion downloads opening applications loose popularity?

  • Short –term Targets

It's important to know the audience before ios or android mobile application trial is carried out. Like, the sarahah application got viral like hell with its anonymous viewer feature. It was initially confined to a small group; they used it for honest feedback. Then they released it in English over a global scale and made a billion downloads but they weren't ready for the response and the way it trended.

Although sarahah joined hands with snap chat for handling the audience it highlighted human emotions and was as unstable as a human's mood.

  • Impact on Human Lives

Mobile applications are developed with an idea to entertain or to solve a critical problem. But when the idea turns into a disaster, the application development companies no longer remains a boon. For example, the blue whale challenge was a nightmare; where teenagers committed suicide to win the challenge. Such vulnerable ideas are a threat to the human lives, it's not the technology which is causing death but the idea of the creator.

The change an application can bring to the society is the success for a particular mobile app developer, the benefits to solve a common man's struggle is a humanly unlike the challenge that leads to the death of teenagers.

  • Value to the users

The value of the type of users a particular mobile application is targeting is very necessary for the success of an application. In case we look at sarahah's responses the honest feedback turned into mental harassment for few who are not able to deal with criticism. The impact of words stays in your head for longer than a physical injury.

Now Sarahah is coming up with security for the users and which limits the users from posting feedbacks; which indeed is the key feature of the application honest feedbacks.

To sum up

Every person has a million ideas in their head but not all are implemented into an android or ios mobile application. The positive ideas make difference in the retail world even though it is appreciated less in the beginning. A problem-solving application will stay and expand on a larger scale than an entertainment or gaming applications which have their trends come and go. To predict the future for your application its always better to reach out companies like Fluper for a market research on the idea of implementing it into an application.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Insta users will soon able to track time spent on the app

Wakey! Wakey! Insta addicts. The application is kicking in a new feature "time spent" for its users to track the time spent on Instagram which will go by the name usage Insights in the slide menu of the application which will probably put a reality check to many. This move is tricky as why would Instagram do this there is a possibility that the daily active users on Instagram will reduce hence, the popularity of the app might be compromised but this isn't a rumor in the mobile app development circuit as the CEO Kevin Systrom himself tweeted by saying 

“We're building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram – any time should be positive and intentional” 

So the Instagram is really worried about their user's health than the revenue and statistics of their business which may also work in the favor of the company and people incline more towards Instagram than snapchat as the war is always on between the two. Mobile app developers do not intend to roll out apps to develop bad habits by their users rather they just try to make their life interesting by giving the ease of living with technology like internet which is run by no one. 

Do all developers pledge to safeguard the mental health of their users?

The developers somewhere are aware of the possible drawbacks one might face with the application usage and with social media apps, there have been reports about trolling and excessive usage by children everywhere which may not seem much right now but the addition of the same is hampering the health of the teenagers. 

"Usage Insights” is an admirable attempt by Instagram through which not only the users would know how much time they have spent on the app but also the parents will be able to track the activities of the juvenile to warn them in time before they indulge themselves into the bad habits without encountering the after effects. Rest of the developer's community in iOS and Android app development should be influenced and make efforts to introduce one such feature in the application that deals with the harmful side effect caused to the users through an app in long term.

The feature has not been experienced by many yet but seems to have embedded into the code of the app for android platform. One more sneak out came about the Instagram updates along with the usage insight feature which is the emoji bar in the commenting section of the application and at Google I/O the Android time management tool also indicates that the feature is not a myth or marketing strategy. 

This new feature will definitely create a buzz on Instagram with users trying to handle it in different ways. Some might have a good laugh by posting the stats of their usage in the stories, some might have a setback with a reality check this feature might bring to their life and for the people who work on social media platform to promote their business can provide the hours spend promoting in their report at the end of the day. Scrolling like Zombies without any productivity is neither healthy nor sustainable. Therefore the measure taken by the technology experts seems like not just a concern for the mental well being of the users but also a long-term strategy to keep the popularity of the app intact. Fluper being the mobile app developer is highly influenced by this and endeavors to preach the same among its developer's community.