Friday, 6 April 2018

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Canada

Homeland to the lofty Rockies and Majestic Niagara, Canada grabs the world tourists' attraction every season every year. The mobile application development companies in Canada houses the much-needed qualities to grab clients' attention globally when their ideas need the visual display.

So, highlighting the top 10 mobile developers in Canada that have steered the wheels of innovation for their developed mobile applications.

1. Hidden Brains Infotech
Occupying the top position amongst the 10 best mobile application developers in Canada definitely requires hard work, dedication, creativity, and knowledge clubbed together. Delivering applications for major platforms to cover myriad genres is what the team of developers is really good at. Their efforts pay off in the outstanding applications they help design:
  •        WedMe
  •        Xpenditure
  •        FabAlley
  •        Catwalk 88

2. Sphinx Solution
The altering market trends create new opportunities and scope for the developers. They need to be prompt enough in acquiring expertise in such changing technologies so as to offer innovative and new contents for the clients’ applications. The team ‘inspires’ other developers to ‘innovate’ designs of UI/UX and ‘evolve’ with changing situations. The qualities that define a top mobile app developer.

Few examples of their app development artistry:
  •        VIVINO
  •        WIZZLE
  •        DAHMAKAN

3. IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd.
This is one of the top mobile application development companies ruling the competitive market of Canada for years. Time and again the company proved to be efficient in whatever application they design.

Nothing much to say since their applications testify to their app development skills:
  •    Dyrct
  •   13Step Dating App
  •   iKash

4. Synergo Group
The team of developers is dedicated to bringing effective web and mobile app solutions to meet the whims of the clients. It is a certified developer under Appfutura and won the honor of the top app developers in Canada from Clutch. Their applications are really impressive and engaging highlighting the inbuilt talent of the team of developers and designers.

5. Y Media Labs
Creating applications highlighted with innovative ideas glued together with latest technologies defines the true character of a top mobile developer. Who best can fit this description than the masterminds of Y Media Labs? They are the brains and soul behind the outstanding applications that came out of Y Media.
  •        Home Depot
  •        Credit One
  •        PayPal
  •        L’Oreal

Mobile and web development services are the forte of the dedicated team of developers working for S-Pro-io. Nothing much is required to say about the developers since they have already carved a place amongst the top 10 mobile application developers in Canada and other places.

Their designed applications might give some idea to their inbuilt development quality and strategy:
  •        Virtuoso
  •        HubSpring
  •        Moving Pipe
  •        TSO Chinese Delivery

7. Fluper
Innovation and knowledge clubbed together can create wonders. When you have a look at the applications designed by the team, you will feel the depth of the statement here. Five years of experience reflects the unique apps thus designed that owns the power to rule the app stores.
  •        GoldStar
  •        Dhanlaxmi
  •        Deliveroo

8. Consagous
The team of Consagous offers adroit, innovative and updated mobile and website application solutions. Their knowledge and grab on latest technical finds find a clean representation in the many applications that come out of their experienced hands.
  •        Clinic Fly
  •        DrCitas

9. App Studio
When ideas need the visual display, applications work best to shape them up accurately. But such tasks require knowledge, expertise, and creativity. Not every developer can master the art. Yet the team of App Studio proved otherwise. Their applications will give you a chance to think how unique a person’s imagination can be and how far their talent gives them a different shape and meaning.
  •        Bookmi
  •        PhysioTherapy
  •        iTaxi

10. Dotcom Infoway
This company offers web and mobile app development solutions customized according to the clients' specifications. Their portfolio highlights their versatility and expertise. Such dedication and efforts put together have resulted in the company finding a place amongst the top 10 mobile application developers in Canada. Their applications need special attention:
  •        News Crew Tracker
  •        WorldCard Mobile
  •        Barottas

Wrapping Up

It takes a lot of effort to develop an engaging mobile application. But it also takes a lot of research to identify the most fitting partner who is equally cost-effective and productive at the same time. Weighty words of promises do not create miracles. However, experience and knowledge do. This is what the top mobile developers like Fluper reflected in their work from time to time. They fit the honor of being Canada's top 10 mobile application development companies.  


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