Thursday, 22 February 2018

Need instant success for your Mobile Application? Make it an overnight sensation

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Mobile app development market is being highly saturated with each passing day. Customers have more than one application available in the app store when looking up for an immediate answer to their problems. Surviving is getting tougher for aspiring developers recently.

Taking a step back into the year gone by, the statistics reflect the level of competition a developer has to face when releasing an application into the market.

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The market does look quite promising but highly competitive at the same time. And, the only answer to the survival of the fittest is but to go viral. But, developing a Viral Content is definitely not a child’s game. Creating a habit-forming, sticky mobile application needs careful planning as well as data-driven strategies along with the extra touch of your grey cell. Two questions must be probing your brain right now. Let’s answer each one at a time.

Why is viral marketing becoming a game-changer for top-rated mobile application development companies like Fluper?

è  Far-reaching spider network of the endless social media sites, which are the intermediaries for users to reach out to limitless updates and remain digitally social even with users who are physically situated in an entirely different country altogether. The world has shrunk to the size of our smartphone. A single yet an interesting news-on-demand spread with the speed of light. Technology has a direct hand in multiplying the network effect in both numbers and global influence to accentuate virally the trending content.

è Grab mass attention and create instant awareness among customers if the product or the application is in demand and creative enough to arrest any casual onlooker’s attention as well. Viral marketing is also the perfect solution to establish a brand name as well.

è Any developer or product manufacturer can easily measure effectiveness with in-build metrics to understand if the campaign is a success or not. Views, likes, re-tweets are the most basic measurement metrics which the campaigner can make use of. There are other methods as well but the viral marketing campaign fetches instant result. Whether or not the campaign is a success, the digitally socialized viewers will tell you. 

è Restrain or experience a blast where virally spreading the word depends on the customers and not the initiator. But such marketing strategies are not void of risks such as loss of control over the content spread. The impact of such tricks either pushes back or pulls in customers.

The importance of viral marketing brings us to yet another question- What are the simple tricks to viral an application???

ü  Choose the correct advisor or partner is advisable especially if you are an amateur in the app development world. The market is competitive and virally spreading the application is not an easy task. Choosing the right partner and teammates does matter.

ü  The app either must deliver value or is somewhat extraordinary else, it will not go viral on any platform.

ü  Application in question must be or rather has to be USER-FRIENDLY since simplicity is the first step towards creating a viral content else user-hostility will damage the viral campaign.

ü  Limit initial access to make the app go viral but limit the first access yet maintain the ongoing buzz around the application. The app name will spread based on a word- of-mouth marketing strategy.

ü  Tempting viewers with gripping incentives, such that they are motivated enough to spread the word for you.

Closing words

Gone are the days when word-of-mouth is the sole viral marketing tool to spread the word like wildfire. But brands and best mobile application development companies have finally realized viral marketing actually works. However, it has to be eye-catchy enough to compel the viewer to actually spend some time on it and then spread the word to their contacts.

To sustain in the competitive world, application development companies must develop an over-night sensation else struggle to stay up with the others in the app store.

WhAt Do YoU WaNt FoR YoUr ApPlIcAtIoN??????

Monday, 12 February 2018

Augmenting the altered course for economy, Business and universe with AR


Augmented and virtual reality has gripped the world with their enchanting features promising a clean transportation of the users into a completely different dimension. The masterminds working behind Pokemon Go led the world into an addictive virtual environment from where there is just no return. Such a technology opened endless avenues for the best mobile application development companies to score with unique applications.

 Even the future looks pretty bright and clear for Augmented and Virtual Reality with:

The data also proved that augmented reality is not all about beautifying gaming applications. There is more to the story than meets the general eyes. So, let’s plunge into the sea to discover what are the unheard augmented reality features that can be put to strategic use in developing the business operation?

Not only for the business but also for the other commercial fields, augmented reality did prove it's worth acquiring for in areas such as:

è Safety training and education imparted to the employees of the private companies and laborers of factories for safer working conditions. Thus, productivity enhanced and cost cut down through unnecessary loss by mishandling and accidents. 

a.    Data visualization with augmented smart helmets to give situational and information to the laborers outside control room and passively record to calculate temperature information in the real-world environment.
b.    Better work guidance through augmented training modules to instruct the workers and employees to shorten the learning and the error curves.

è  Redefining e-commerce with AR technology makes the overall shopping experience more efficient, novel and enjoyable in multiple ways:

a.    Augmented reality app of Sephora mobile makes use of ModiFace Tech to allow users click a selfie and virtually apply makeup before making a purchase decision.
b.    Warby Parker’s AR “try-on” functionality virtually allows buyers to check for fittings and then purchase the product.

è Corporate/work-life will become a gaming experience since augmented reality initially emerged as a technology used for bringing the high definition graphics alive and virtually connect players with the gaming components. Introduction of points, rewards, and scoreboards make work fun and addictive.

è Remote collaboration between geographically separated workers and employees by giving them a virtual experience of connectivity when holding meetings together. Such gatherings become much more engaging for the parties thereby including all in the same discussion.

Now, AR technology not restricted to work only but has gone way beyond our imagination cited with few references such as:

è High-level healthcare accessibility to millions aiding in performing critical medical procedures when doctors, nurses, and hospitals are out of reach. Human error also eliminated when performing crucial surgeries by offering a clear 3D visual to locate the disputed organ of concern.  

è AR technology leveraged to save earth to market environmental causes and products to save the planet.

è Entertainment marketing with AR technology to promote upcoming films and other events.

And the track goes on……

Key Footnotes

For few companies, augmented and virtual reality is still very much in the experimental stage. However, the statistical figures paint a different picture altogether, pointing towards their rapid adaptation into the commercial world and other spheres as well:

ü  Experts estimate AR market is likely to jump to 80.8 billion by 2022.
ü  More than 150 companies in multiple industries inclusive of 52 from among fortune 500 are either testing or have deployed AR solutions.
ü  Virtual and augmented reality expected to cover a $42 billion market in the year of 2018.
ü  Augmented and virtual reality sector expected to break the record level for holding exhibit space at CES 2018.
ü predicts AR is a $50 million opportunity for businesses.

Such positive predictions are nothing but the outcome of altering consumer behavior where:

ü  40% shoppers pay only when they see items through augmented reality.
ü  61% shoppers prefer stores that offer AR experience.
ü  35% shoppers buy online only after virtually interact with them.

Changing behavior compels more companies to start hiring dedicated mobile app developers like Fluper to bring about applications so as to generate heightened results from the enterprise mobility solutions

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Google’s failed ventures: Allo and Duo

Did I hear ALLO and DUO have failed?? Now and then, you hear endless rumors of a particular application failing to cause enough stir. Such news definitely affects the mobile app development world. But, when the rumors build up against the giants such as Apple or Google then such stories need careful verification. Let’s see how much truth is there behind such a statement? Did Google’s Allo and Duo really fail to create an impact as expected?

Even before verifying the truth lying behind the mentioned statement, it is better to have a brief insight into what are Google Allo and Google Duo??

Google Allo

It is a smart messaging application by Google, which decked up with interesting features similar to stickers, doodles, huge emojis and texts along with an assistant to help you say more and express more. Creative with images using filters, texts or colors, doodles and memes, attractive stickers and AI assistant to suggest sites to locate places or nearby searches on food outlets right in your conversation. Check out an answer to your queries together with your friend as you continue to chat with each other. Also, have the one-on-one conversation with your Google Assistant to remind you of important events or dates and secure your conversations by going incognito. The only flaw with this application is that a great chunk of user data is shared with Google.

Google Duo

It is a high-quality video calling application available for both Android as well as iOS users but it has major competition with Apple’s Facetime application. You can save data by switching to the voice-only chat option.

Both the new features of Google seemed promising during the initial period of their launch. Google Allo, for instance, hit 5 million downloads within 5 days of its launch. Two months post-launch, Google Allo’s momentum halted permanently. There are few convincing points, which actually go against Google Duo and Allo.

First and a foremost point has to be the fact that:

ü We are bombarded by endless messenger applications. There are endless android application developers out there each trying to come up with an interesting instant messenger application at a time when Whatsapp and Facebook are already ruling the market.

ü Whatsapp works on its core vision to messaging as well as video calling services irrespective of how strong or weak the mobile network strength is. Maybe a bit comprising on the quality of the video but Google Duo failed to offer even that to its users.

ü The machine-learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of Google Allo did not go down well with the audience where the application concentrated more on directing the users’ message than connecting than connecting them.

ü Google’s Duo has been blamed as nothing more than a mere Apple’s Facetime clone.
ü They have been an entirely mobile-centric.

ü Google Allo turned out to be nothing better than a standard messaging app supported by AI chatbots.

ü Lack of end-to-end encryption in Google Allo during chats raise privacy issues.

ü Whatsapp scored at a point where documents are easily shared similar to image, location and sticker sharing but Allo does not permit docs sharing during a conversation.

ü Video calling feature is taken care of by Duo, which means you need two apps working as complementary to one another.

ü Finally, Google Allo fail to offer chat backup when bought in comparison to Apple’s iMessage.

Closing Notes

Google is undoubtedly the inspiration for the top-rated android application development companies around the world. But, this time it did fail to shine brightly with Google Allo and Duo. And one thing Google, instead of developing different types of messenger applications, could have actually come up with a combined version of the different messengers jammed with different features, it would have beaten Whatsapp and Facebook in the competition. Top-notch mobile application development companies like Fluper can draw inspiration from the errors committed by the Search Engine Guru before converting an idea into a mobile application.