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Top 9 mobile app development features currently trending in Dubai market

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Top 9 mobile app development features currently trending in Dubai 

We have often spoken about the mobile application development services in general. But the question remains here whether such services acquire a change of status as soon as they cross the national borders? Is it possible the factors which are trending in a particular nation are equally applicable in other countries??

To respond to these questions, we need to explore the different mobile application development factors that are currently trending in Dubai market and all our doubt will get cleared automatically.

Let’s begin with:

  1.   Importance of UI and UX- The design and app user experience are primary factors that necessitate a proper designing of a mobile application for the mobile application development companies. Usually, app users prefer opting for mobile applications that govern the effective display of the data and meaningful content of the app interface.

  2. Wearable gadgets- Collaboration between smartphones and wearable devices are exerting a lasting impact on mobile app development strategies adopted by the mobile developers in UAE. Both Apple and Microsoft are trying their best to give a different outlook to the basic wearables by incorporating them into different sectors of fitness, fashions, sports, healthcare, and hobbies. The smartwatches like those of Apple are posing a threat to the future of the smartphones.

  3.   Shift to Swift programming language- It has already been proven that Swift is the perfect open source coding language replacing Objective-C especially for the applications designed for mobile devices and tablets. Language is the very spine for mobile application development.

  4.   Internet of things- There has been a lot of buzz on new technologies such IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality in the technology world. Gartner reported that by the year 2020, more than 26 billion devices will be connected by the Internet of things such as LED light bulbs, toys, sports equipment etc. The smart devices will work remotely to control most of the domestic devices.

  5.   Artificial Intelligence- This technology is more or less similar to that of an internet of things where the electrical devices are bestowed with an artificial intelligence to perform tasks independent of any human intervention. The combination of the same AI technology and the mobile applications is revolutionizing the technology taking it to the next level altogether. Few examples of such mobile app technology are Google Assistance and the Cortana from the Microsoft and the Siri from Apple.

  6.   Augmented and virtual reality- Though these two technologies were initially more used in the Gaming mobile application development process has gradually started entering the mCommerce applications. Companies such as IKEA, Lenskart, and Caratlane.com etc. have started using these applications where users can try out the products that they are purchasing online in virtual trial rooms. It is highly likely they are going to dominate the mobile technology in the near future.

   7.   Cross platforms for mobile apps- Cross-platform development tools play a major role in the app development in Dubai stressing more on minimal cost and high-speed mobile applications and are mostly based on common programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

   8.   Cloud computing for mobile apps- Such applications allows users to save their crucial data on the centralized servers to be extracted or fetched for later use on any of clients’ mobile devices without occupying unnecessary space in their personal mobile phone.

   9.   Location-based services with iBeacons- Smartphones with location sensor capabilities make use of methods such as iBeacons to locate the user data featuring GeoTagging, Vehicle Navigation, Games and the fitness apps.


Mobile technology has practically touched every nook and corner of this planet and it is highly likely that technology has managed to infiltrate every single household, differing only in the time taken for such applications to get incorporated fully. Mobile application development company in Dubai has already started exploiting the modern technology in an attempt to keep pace with the changing situation to give a taste of modernity to the citizens.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, has proven its competency in designing such innovative applications that are thickly coated in creativity incorporating the latest technology in their mobile application development process.

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