Friday, 28 April 2017

Mobile apps that are changing the scenario of real estate in 2017

Mobile Apps

With the help of digital marketing where realty developers have realised the fact that mobile apps play a crucial role where people are finding it quite convenient to explore the various options virtually rather than physically visiting over the location. Most of the information is accessed with the help of mobile apps, people are getting inclined to addict to their handset finding the most reliable way of getting the information apart from websites since the digital entices are transforming from website to mobile application development.
But the mobile app must be as effective to identify not only the potential buyers but the proper procedure of management.
Property Capsule
Property Capsule is a cloud based technology platform that helps the users to manage as well as present the property portfolio. This platform is known to keep property data, for instance property overview, site plans, agent contact, photography, maps as well as demographics in a central repository. By using a web based interface, users are accessed to update as far as property information is concerned in the system. Although company’s presentation module is rendered in Web, iPad, tradeshow, mobile and a digital leave behind. Property Capsule although based in San Diego, California incorporated in 2013.
eBMS /Capsule visit
With the seamless management of building control as well as monitoring through the iPod Touch, iPad , iPhone by using wireless or 3G network. The framework is based on Niagara AX framework from Tridium. It co-operates with fire alarm, intruder alarms, temperature control as well as other connected devices. Functions that are provided includes the monitoring and handling of data, extension of time schedule, accepting and clearing the system with the help of intuitive user interface.
Angus Mobility
Since the interception of Angus Anywhere for Blackberry application in 2000, Angus Systems has been a like a leader in mobile work order management solutions which supports virtually any mobile device. The mobility platforms possesses property and facility management in order to stay connected, informed as well as efficient. It consists of distinguished technologies which enable the myriad of users as well as devices. It mobilises the Property Management Team which can be accessed by users and devices which is common to the real estate industries.  
The power of LoopNet can be leveraged anytime and anywhere in order to find the lease space as well as identify the perfect investment property. It ensures that the app to keep you informed, productive as well as ahead of the competition. There are few features that really can make it worth comparable:
  • Advanced search filter: It is supported with the properties that meet the actual needs by utilising the specific search criteria as well as filter options.
  • Notifications and watch list: It adds watch list by tracking listings of interest and will be notified immediately as soon as there any change to the listings.
  • Detailed Property detail: Property data, videos and photos can be viewed over listing details. Hence it enables to connect to the broker immediately.
  • Multiple device capability: With the help of LoopNet account watched listings and saved searches can be accessed from any web or device.
  • List based search: It ensures search experience that can easily be customised where the search result can be easily displayed and adjusted.
Visual Lease
Visual lease is although commercial lease application developed by KBA Lease services. It manages the leases, keep monitoring on all dates, receiving alert notifications etc. Hence in order to manage the commercial lease contracts, this commercial lease is used by various industries and is bespoken from simple to the most complicated business requirements. The features that really makes it worth comparable:
  • Stores all the information related to lease
  • It creates the scenarios encompassing from simple to complicated one.  
  • Ad-hoc reports can be created according to the requirement irrespective to any field of the system.
  • Visual Lease Administrator: It is considered to be a part of the visual application lease which allows the customisation of visual lease as well as set requirements at the time of implementation.
These mobile applications are quite essential not only to identify the potential buyers but the management of the procedure within the organisation that would be seamless to implement. Hence appreneurs who wanted to create their own app can take the inspiration from the aforesaid apps and can make their survival long in real estate industry.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Beat these Challenges to Make a Successful Mobile App

Just like websites thousand of mobile apps are built and uploaded on play store daily, even small vendors and businessmen have also embarked themselves upon in business. Now integration of mobile apps have turned into cars, cab, kitchen, movie tickets and many more but space in mobile has not increased at the same rate as mobile app development has so it is not a shocking fact that in every month unique user uninstall at least 1-2 apps from mobile. If mobile app is not up to the standard of user’s expectation then it will be uninstalled by user. A perfect app is an app that not only gives good user experience but also relevant and problem solving. These are few challenges that every app builder should beat to be in competition.

1: Size of Mobile App: When we find a good movie from somewhere then we delete old ones, in case of mobile app as well we uninstall old mobile apps when we get an app that would be better than previous one. To sort out this problem either you should make better app or update app time to time with better features or decrease the size of mobile app.

2: Diversification of Operating Systems and Platforms: Not only newer mobile apps but also new operating systems are being launched with rapid pace so it is essential for every app developers to be flexible. In recent years new updates of android, iOS and Windows have come into existence that has made the task difficult for each developer to change the strategies, even now in the gap of every 6 month new version of operating systems are updated.  In 2012 more than 4000 different devices were available in the world that is expected to touch 50000 by the end of 2017.
What should be done to resolve the problems?
  • Figure of the issues with emulator and test with real device, this may help to resolve the problems
  • Identify the target audience and find out the competitors data, then do the SWOT analysis this will help you to save time and money

3: Network Problem: The problem of network and internet connection is not widespread in every part of the world but in India it is a common problem despite launch of 4G. To sort out this problem you have to follow these steps:
  • Develop an app that can work even in poor strength of internet signal, Twitter is the live example of it.
  • Offer function of working offline like auto save etc.
4: Make App that will consume less battery: Some apps take a lot of loading time and consume battery; almost all the gaming apps consume battery because gaming apps required heavy RAM. It is the responsibility of every Mobile App development Company to develop an app that would run with less battery.

5: Security: Every mobile user wants to keep his/her data safe and security is a big concern for every user, a good mobile always has security assurance.

Conclusion: Competition and challenges are the part of every business and every entrepreneur has to go through it, with brainstorming and creative strategy and support of Mobile App Developers any problem can be resolved.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Why Mobile Apps are Better than Websites?

Website App Development

Websites and mobile apps both are the great platform to engage the existing and new audience but the stats says that the no. of mobile users are increasing with rapid pace while no. of website users are increasing with study pace. According to the no. of smart phone users will increased up to 467m by 2021, that is a huge jump, so the need of mobile apps will also increase over the period of time, here are the few reasons why mobile apps are better than website.

1: Option of notification: Notification makes a strong impact on engagement of the audience, there was a time when email was the only option to engage audience actively but not it has been taken place by many other platforms. According to research report by experts more than 30% of notifications are opened by the users so the injection of notifications is the reason behind the Mobile Apps are more engaging.

2: Personalization: Personalization plays an important role in engagement, in email we can personalize only the users name but in app we can give the information to users that your friends are doing this and this, that makes a huge impact on users mind and that lead to engagement.

3: Fast loading time of Apps: Mobile apps are much faster than website the main reason behind this is the image sizes are made according to mobile users but in website images are designed for both mobile and desktop users but the apps should be design and developed by the Top Mobile App Development Company. Always look for those companies that focus on mobile friendly apps and websites.

4: Option of Download: An app can be downloaded but websites can’t be, this is the huge difference between websites and mobile apps a user spends 3 times more time with its mobile than desktop and if the app is downloaded on his/her smart phone than chances of visiting on app would be higher.

5: Retargeting: Even though the app would be uninstalled by the users then also those past users can be retargeted by the remarketing technique, remarketing is a great technique provided by Google adwords that is used to retarget both websites and mobile users.

6: Ability to work offline: Offline work and past activities can be seen on mobile apps that is more convenient for the users to spend more time on apps, absence of this function is also a reason why website is lagging behind mobile apps.

7: Greater Penetration: The reach of mobile apps are more in countryside areas as well, while penetration of desktop is less in villages, so if you are targeting villages as well then you should focus more on mobile apps rather than websites.

8: Low Marketing Cost: Although the making cost of mobile app is higher but the marketing cost is much cheaper than website, you will make website of app once but you have to market your app or website forever.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Acquiring too Many Skills might Ruin Your Career

Mobile Application development

It was 9th November 2014 when Ministry of Skill Development was set up by newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi and allocated a huge budget of $450 million for the same. The main purpose of setting up the new department was to produce skilled labour and the instructions were given to all the education institutes to adopt this.

Although many higher educational institutes were working on skill developments many years before the ministry was set up but since the ministry has been set up a lot of small educational institutes are also emphasizing on skill development and as result of this number of internships and workshops have been increased and in near future a drastic changes in education system can be expected.

In media & entertainment, IT, Engineering and Marketing huge amount of skills are required and the graph of admissions in Engineering college has fallen down in last few years explains the entire story, there was a time when most of the students used to choose Engineering as their career path but now students are moving towards different field, even lot of engineers move towards non-technical education after completion of their graduation but in non-technical education skills play a key factor to attain a job but there are still opportunities waiting in technical field as the app development companies are flourishing in India, there are a lot of  Mobile App Development Companies in India that provide industrial internships to young IT students which not only gives experience to students but also pays decent amount of stipend and Fluper Ltd is one among of these.

But it has also been noticed that a few students focus on learning too many skills at the same period of time and that might go against them because they might not get proficiency over any 1 or 2 skills that is required in industry. Even if they get command over each skill then also it will create confusion and students don’t able to decide that which field they should choose and in industry a lot of companies can consider them over qualified or can’t decide where this guy will fit into. Sometimes students with lot of skills switch their professions over the small period of time and that become hurdle in their professional growth because the previous experience might not matters in new profession.

But since the start-ups has been promoted by the government of India people with too many skills can take huge advantages of their talents and their skills can prove boon for them for an example if someone wants to do start-up with app development company then having skills like development, designing and marketing can come into picture and one of the Top Mobile App Development Company Fluper which was just an start-up 2 years back had the same situation and now it is considered among the best mobile app development companies in India that not only provides its services in India but also in overseas like Malaysia, Singapore and UAE and have also step into services like Android Game Development, Wearable Application Development and many more.

Monday, 24 April 2017


Mobile app development

After examination has been led on a particular arrangement of clients, it's transformed into a profile or client persona that copies a genuine client. Basically, a persona is exemplified information got from client practices, dispositions, torment focuses, and their necessities and needs in a specific product. As opposed to customizing an application to address the issues of a non exclusive gathering of individuals, a persona is outlined in view of a particular gathering of clients.
Personas delineate the objectives and practices of clients while market sections analyze designs in demographics, for example, age, area, sex, pay, etc. Both are similarly vital be that as it may, personas offer a considerable measure of included advantages amid the development procedure.

1. Advance User-Focused Outcomes
Frequently, an application can transform into the longings of the originator instead of the client. To maintain a strategic distance from this, the mobile app development procedure must fixate on a client centered objective; all activities must be made considering the client. For this to happen, the architects must receive the point of view of the end client to plan an application that resounds with its clients. Personas ought to be utilized all through the development procedure and not as only one stage. Strengthening the client persona all through the whole procedure will guarantee that the whole group stays concentrated on their primary objective. Without doing this, the result of the last application may not satisfy the clients' needs.

2. Sets up Consensus amid Development
Crude information is regularly hard to decipher in any case, a persona embodies the exploration and conveys the patterns to others in a way that they can comprehend and imagine. In a mobile app development company, there are generally individuals with fluctuating aptitudes and skill that could possibly bring about a distinction of sentiments. A client persona is a brilliant instrument to maintain a strategic distance from perplexity and miscommunication all through the development procedure. The persona imparts thoughts and ideas with the development group, partners, and clients. Adequately, it guarantees that everybody is in agreement and comprehends who the intended interest group is.

3. Approves All Decisions
An application thought is set up, yet is it truly what the client needs and needs? While it's imperative to make sense of who the application will focus on, it's more essential to comprehend what the client particularly fancies. Without acceptance, the final product won't convey precisely what the end client needs and will at last be an exercise in futility. All choices and activities that are made amid the development procedure ought to have a client centered thinking. In the event that an app development process starts to stray from concentrating on addressing the client's' needs, the application will no doubt come up short.

Client personas are significant for everybody amid the development procedure with a specific end goal to expand the quality and proficiency of their work. A persona expands product quality since it straightforwardly addresses the end clients torment focuses and settles issues that they at present experience. Comprehension and addressing a particular gatherings of clients' needs will guarantee that the application is a win. Narrowing in on a particular arrangement of clients will yield higher download rates and all the more vitally, it will keep up the engagement of the clients.

Mobile app development process is an extremely intricate procedure that’s followed phase wise. The client for whom you’re preparing an app plays an utmost role in the fate and direction of the application. To keep the match to the pace of client’s perspective a developer or a mobile app development company must have to keep themselves updated. So here we have tried to keep the things on our part smooth with a practice of depicting a client persona.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Some tips and tricks to rule the App Store in 2017

Some tips and tricks to rule the App Store in 2017
ASO is an elaborative process that looks for consistent hard work in order to get the exceptional results. It includes several steps, for instance finding the accurate keyword that the potential customers are using in order to find the app, optimising the app’s title, screenshots, icon description etc. Although we have already nailed down 5 strategies to dominate the app store in 2017, but there is something beyond these strategies. In this blog, we are trying to consider the farther side in space and nailed down some tips and tricks to get the best rank in App Store in 2017. There are some sort of strategies already jotted down by Supreme Media with the help of App Store Optimisation strategies in order to ascertain App Optimisation status and draw up the estimate with the tool.
As far as strong signals for the app store ranking are concerned App description for Play Store and keywords for iOS play a very significant role. As far as ASO is concerned, asset strategy and key word strategy are the two components. Both Apple App Store and Google Play are although comparatively young but the ranking algorithms are dynamical. All these rules look for extensive research work.
On Page App Store Optimisation:
ASO is the source to pay off the hardwork involved in mobile application development. For improved app ranking as well as better results entire on-page optimisation is needed. Although there are innumerable apps as well as games that are being used with the same traditional methods for instance keywords and titles which may also end up in a more disruptive and competitive niche in order to rank the new apps. Hence off page app store optimisation must be effectively employed in order to work from scratch. In 2017, app marketers must expand innovative strategies to receive the maximum traffic by the brand. This year everything encompassing from Meta tags, keyword placement, app title, description and categories in order to serve the best.
Localisation starts from the beginning of translating the language as far as app is concerned and further extended it to translation all other languages like keywords, icons, description, images, video and even the name of the app is impacted. These are the key components in order to accommodate the target audience. This year, app marketers are pulling their sleeves to make the payment or enhance commerce engagement. So, in order to reduce the probability of legal and regulatory battles, app marketers will be visible doing homework and adaptation of local regulations as well as payment methods.
App marketers will be taking right decisions with right combination of tools and talents in order to come forth massive difference. Hence initiatives would be taken to choose tools in order to provide keyword optimised in several languages and interaction with native speakers in order to establish deeper cognizance of language nuances.
Off Page App Store Optimisation
To take the brand to apex, effective off page optimisation so as to derive the better traffic. This year team would be dedicated to off page optimisation which includes app reviews and rating.
Competitor Analysis
As far App Store optimisation is concerned, Sensor Tower is one of the versatile tool and is considered as a leading solution for app developers as well as app marketers who are looking for competitive insights as far as mobile market economy is concerned and are looking for some initiatives to enhance app downloads with the help of app store optimisation. It is expected marketers would dedicate resources to understand the loopholes as well as strengths of the competitors so that they can be bitten them in the market concerned. By conducting an exhaustive analysis reckoned by the advanced tools and technologies, it would end up with precise analysing of the brand position.
Although the most important factor that will definitely bring the success and is followed by mobile application development companies is patience as this procedure is considered to be quite time consuming. But these are some of the strategies which must be complied with in order to dominate the app store in 2017.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Overlooking These 5 Tips May Cost You In iOS App Development

It is not each day that you will discover a chance to create applications for Apple, particularly on the off chance that you are a product developer. There are some vital things or rules that you have to know. Furthermore, with regards to the environment of Apple or creating iPhone applications, things are distinctive. This article will give you rules for application plan programming; it is about the iOS application that you have to remember.

Developing iPhone Apps

Regularly the nerds are in a settle with respect to creating iPhone applications. It is not about settling on the choice of creating one, but rather understanding on the off chance that you have to or not. Larger part of times you require not build up an application since it is sought after rather it is more about plenty of applications that are as of now there. For PC developers, it is anything but difficult to build up an application at a quicker rate than anybody out there. You require not create applications for yourself as there are many out there. It is prudent that you enlist individuals to do the development work for you, along these lines you can have the work finished with less endeavors, yet more collaboration.

Applications and Milestones

The in all probability situation is for effective applications that you can find in the iTunes exhibits. The vast majority of the applications get downloaded from the grandstand, and it contains most productive applications. There are many included or top applications that are helpful for some individuals for amusement and in addition for entertainment only reason. The rankings of the applications are essentially high. It unmistakably demonstrates that to wind up noticeably well-known an application should be included on a platform that will help other people effectively get to it.

Looking for endorsement for your applications

It is conceivable that the Apple may very well favor your iOS application that you have quite recently made. Notwithstanding, there is one thing that you ought to know, that regardless of the possibility that you get an endorsement for your application from Apple it is not a storm of a great many dollars. Creating it is a certain something, and the other viewpoint is that of it getting to be plainly fruitful.
After you get the endorsement for the application plan programming, you should enjoy the special work that will help you for better odds of its prosperity. It is about being perceived for your endeavors and pick up energy for the work that you have done. As iTunes is a web index so you have to characterize catchphrases that will enhance web crawler to your advantage.

Time Expense In Development

The most troublesome part about iOS application development is the time that you should commit. Indeed, even subsequent to getting endorsement for your application, there is a considerable measure that you have to do. You require additional time, in the event that you are not the maker of the application rather a group of developers is working for you. The ideal opportunity for building up an application can take practically like two months, it can be more yet nothing not as much as that.

Apps For Free!

Putting resources into the free applications can be beneficial. The thing with free applications is that they are most downloaded and are more prominent than the paid applications. The showcasing technique included is to give individuals a chance to download the free form with constrained components and after that provoke them to go for the paid adaptation. Also, the free form that is running advertisements is by all accounts more well-known and beneficial than the paid rendition of the same application.


Each developer who is into application plan programming centers around how fruitful it will progress toward becoming and gain cash for the proprietor. It is about a possibility that you get for creating applications and afterward it ends up plainly prevalent that makes it a win. Nonetheless, not each application that you create will help you procure cash. As specified before it is about fortunes and advertising methodology that will help you support the achievement of your application. Moreover, it is imperative that you give yourself a contemplated building up an application yourself or contracting a group of individuals to take every necessary step for you. On an end note, recall that whatever application you are creating for Apple, it ought to be all around engaged and very much intended to get sought outcomes.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Best Advertising Network for Mobile App in 2017

Smartphones have captured the world in last few years, and growing popularity can be estimated by the fact that by 2020, there will be 6 billion smartphones in the world. This fact is enough for top mobile app development companies have packed themselves for the battle. But it is a common myth that prevails among developers that once app is created and published, downloads will increase automatically, on the contrary, the truth is that you need to focus on the marketing and advertisements of the app, so as to tell your potential customers about the new app in the market. To cater the demand of advertisement many paid advertisement companies have come up with different market strategies, and price plans.

But for a new developer or even a top mobile app development company in India is difficult to choose the right advertisement network for the promotion of their new project. And if you are one of such developer, then you shouldn’t miss this blog. is the creator of the display-to-search (D2S) ad format, which is a very high tech method of advertisement which is based on the principle of showing the relevant advertisement on the basis of search of the user. It works on cost per click model.
This is much safer investment for the advertisers as compared to that of cost per thousand impressions where there is a risk of less sales even if someone watches the ad.

It is one of the most popular ad network among the users for app monetisation. It is the mobile counterpart of Google’s AdSense, which is advertising front of Google. Being the Google’ product it offers nearly perfect advertisement solutions. And if you are a beginner, then AdMob is the right choice for you.

It offers easy app integration and less aggressive advertisement that are ideal for a new developer. But it is often seen that it provides less revenue as compared to other ad networks.

Millennial Media
Millennial Media provides one of the highest revenues through their full-screen interstitial, video, and image-based formats. They call themselves the mobile first programmatic ad platform. Apart from easy app integration, they also provide real time reporting tools and analytic tools to understand the performance of the ads.
They also feature a sell of ad real estate for the higher bidder in a real time bidding, thus the revenues for quality applications are really high.

They target users with a completely new strategy which is called, Appographic. This is the technique where users are shown the type of apps that they are most likely to use. This is a kind of targeted advertisement. And this is done by monitoring the users present and past apps, instead of geography and demography as done in traditional ways.
InMobi has a reach up to 1.5 billion mobile users. Based in San Francisco, it was founded by Naveen Tiwari, Amit Gupta, Abhay Signal and Mohit Saxena.

Chartboost is good for game developers, as they provide great ad options such as videos, GIF’s and many more. They have some of the top game developers as their clients such as Rovio to DirtyBit. They confirm to work with 9 of the top 10 most grossing games.
Chartboost offers you the ability to select who will advertisement in your app and also the complete control over the ads in your app.

AirPush is one of the largest ad network for the Android. Founded in 2010 in LA, they are one of the most popular network among developers. They provide custom designs of the ads and real time campaign optimisation for better results.

They also provide the uses advanced learning algorithms for best user experience.

Want someone to build your app?
Fluper is the top mobile application development company in India that provides you best in class mobile apps at most affordable prices. With over 5 years of experience in the app industry, we have acquired great expertise and skill for the crafting of the app. Mail us at We’ll respond you soon.

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Top 4 App Development Outsourcing Companies in India for UAE

More than 92% population of the UAE is connected to the internet. And out of that 92%, more than 76% are using their smartphone to use the Internet. This makes app an important aspect in business that no one can afford to neglect. This is something that is very common in all over the world, and UAE is also not lagging behind. The growing IT industry and growing business have resulted in the increased demands of the mobile solutions.
India is a major trading partner for UAE outside the middle east region. Exports of India to UAE accounted for $20.3 billion in 2015. And this is going to increase multifold for sure. Cooperation in IT sector has also been on top agenda of both the countries. We have brought to you the top mobile app development companies in India that you can prefer for your next project.

  1. Fluper
Based in Noida, Fluper has been in the industry since 5 years. They have worked with a number of clients and all of them are satisfied with their performance and timely delivery of the project. “We are really pleased to be partnered with Fluper for our project development. honestly on part we amazed to get our work completed before the timeline which is so rare these days in IT industry” said Sanjay from AJIO, one of the client of the company. They have successfully completed more than 125 projects for clients from all over the world. Close proximity to Delhi favours you the easy reach to the company. they provide comprehensive app solutions for both iOS and Android.
They ranked first in our listing because they offer great products in most aggressive pricing. And ensured timely delivery of the app forces the clients to trust on them. Reach them at

  1. OpenXcell
Based in Ahmedabad, OpenXcell is one of the top mobile app development companies in India. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified mobile app development company which has its base in India and US. They are expert in iOS, iPhone and Android app development. with the team of best developers, they rank second on our list. The client list includes Google, Motorola, Unilever and UTF. It is a CMMI Level 3, which is established in 2008. There is a team of 200 members that drives the company.

  1. Code Brew Labs
Based in Chandigarh city in northern India, Code Brew Labs is a young app development company with start in 2013. Small team of 50 members delivers the high quality products to start-ups as well as to established giants. They are great at android, iOS and game solutions. They have bases in US as well as in Dubai. They have great set of portfolios to choose from. Apart from apps they also provide ERP and IoT solutions. They also provide excellent aftersales support.

  1. Sourcebits
Sourcebits is based in the IT capital of India, Bengaluru, because of which they enjoy many benefits including better connectivity from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and greatly skilled team members. The company was founded in 2006. They also provide great solutions for web and cloud based services. With a team of more than 200 members, the company is called as “Cool Vendor” by Gartner. They provide some of the best app solutions to their clients. They ranked fourth in our ranking out numbering many top mobile app development companies in India.

Final Words
India is a hot choice for the outsourcing industry, cheap labour and great quality of work makes it a favourite options for the business owners of the middle east. And UAE, with its increasing might of the IT industry, they can find many reliable companies in India to work with.