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Strategies to Launch Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Development in India

The minute you have made up your mind to create the app, you must be fit in order with the marketing app strategies. Although it has been observed that many developers prioritise the part of development rather than strategies to make it available to the users and overlook strategies to ensure its long term survival. It seems sound enough when your app has to compete with 500 or 600 apps while considering the entire app store. Although this scenario would be the most admirable one for every mobile app marketer, isn’t it!

But with the evolution of mobile apps, there should be some modifications in your thought process i.e. apps have moved away from the standalone platforms and gradually getting incorporated with the extensive mobile strategies. Left those days when companies were engaging with the apps just for sake of having it. Now that it has left no room to recognize the magnificent impact of mobile application development, but still there are few pitfalls which must be acknowledged to evaluate the marketing of apps. Following are few of the strategies that must be regarded to ensure its long term survival.

Effective Pre-launch mobile app marketing strategy

Don’t wait for the D-day to market your app

With the uncertain future of the new masterpiece,consisting of more than 15 features and fabricated by the most experienced mobile app developers, your marketing efforts should start the moment you have got an idea to create an app. This concept is the most cardinal part as far as marketing strategies are concerned.

Although you have organised press releases, sales pitched to every inbox and voice-mail, but it can be quite temperamental relying on outside forces to advertise your app to success. Hence this must be regarded from the day one and must focus on making your marketing timeline augmentative. Initially the marketing investments seems to be emollient, as the time passes it continues to build and eventually it reaches the pinnacle point ensuring its arrival in the app stores.

Create effective strategies to engage potential customers and interested people early and often

It is quite essential to sieve out the potential customers as soon as you get your hand into the app creation. This step is quite essential to find the real users who can render the critical assessment to improve the app performance.

Although top mobile app development companies have identified twitter as the most essential tool to discover initial contacts since it is occupied by the technocrats who are known to be the early adopters as well as influencers. And in case if you are concerned about the industry content then there are few tools like Social Crawlytics, Topsy and Buzzsumo which helps you to  distinguish most important people in the concerned industry. Just because the tools are free of cost and provides the most influential content which can be twitted and as well as easily share, you must focus on the customers and their related problems as well as identify potential solutions. At the end, monitor the best practices that can help your brand to move forward.

Do not underestimate the power of blogging

In this impulsive competition, blogging has become an inherent voice of communication that would establish interest around your app. It also solidifies search visibility. Hence start dedicating a blog in order to give regular updates to your growing fan base on the succession of app’s development. Potential customer’s can be engaged by asking their precious inputs. In order to make your job simplified, there are various tools like Squarespace, WordPress and Tumblr which havealready come up innumerable options to use. There are various strategies which can improve search engine ranking of your blog for instance quality content, target keywords and other industry influencers that can be targeted in order to understand the competition. Hence, it must be clearly delineated that you must create a content that your customers want and need.

Get your hand into beta testers

Although the importance of beta testers have been identified from the startups to top rated mobile application development companies world-wide. It is quite difficult to expect an apps without any bugs. Every app is exposed from minor to major bugs which must be identified be employing beta bugs. But if these bugsare passed on to users, then it would fail to retain the apps. You must consider that if you ship something buggy, never expect to come back. These testers are effective enough to discover unique resources for further identification of targeted audience.

Effective post-launch mobile app marketing

Concentrate on user engagement and retention

In case you are concerned about the key marketing strategy, then paid user acquisition should not be your ultimate strategy. It is irrespective of what qualitative app you deliver, pumping in some money to get the initial downloads is quite satisfactory. But in the long run, you must reckon a robust marketing strategy to focus on the user engagement and retention.

If you are concerned about the paid user acquisition, then top mobile app development companies have identified paid channels that can best accommodate with other marketing strategies.  Top paid channels for best marketing of the app includes press release, online ads, App-cross promotion network, Facebook Targeted ads etc.

Proper delineation of metrics for mobile app

Although revenue can be regarded as the great indicator as far as success of the app is concerned, but it would be somewhat fallacious to indicate it as a long-term mobile app marketing metrics. Your team might sometime overwhelm to see the increasing amount of money with the increase in the number of downloads. But do you really regard it to draw the maximum people? Then it is the high-time to see the essential marketing metrics.

Customer support should be emphasized

This is something irrespective to the number of users, since you are a part of this impulsive market and every users must be given equal care. Your future survival depends upon the word of mouth which is considered to be the compelling tool for any marketer and can prove to be detrimental if you are not paying sufficient attention to the users.

Give sufficient freedom for push notifications

Although it has been observed that push notifications can boost app engagement considerablyand is considered to be the best way to drive users to readily engage with the apps on a regular basis. This is considered to be the optimal channel to nudge your users by taking photos or check in. But push notifications must be planned very carefully and must be provided way to the users in case they are looking to turn them off. Hence time zones must be emphasized enough while you are looking to send push notifications.


Mobile app marketing is considered to be as complicated as mobile app development which looks for the proper combination of time, creativity and efforts. It is capable to enough to yield the maximum benefit benefits if these strategies are executed properly. Hence aforesaid strategies can be implemented in order to ensure your app’s long run survival.

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