Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Why Educational Apps are Goldmines for Developers and Students?

Learning can be fun and yes I mean it literally. Now, with the advent of Smartphone supported educational apps learning has become easier, accessible and interactive. Even the geeks are also going to have fun with phones. The app development market’s investments are expanding because of the huge revenue gains it offers as for iOS app developers.

Educational sector is itself a vast sea of opportunities. Applications development in education business has given birth to the term of e-learning or m-learning.
Developing educational apps has been the idea of origin of many startups as they provide services ranging from study materials, online lessons in form of videos, graphic oriented content, coaching centre’s integration and assignment helps.

Why to invest in Education Apps Development?
The sector is booming with analysts projecting the growth over 34%during 2014-19 with the penetration of online education in institutions. Phones are going to make the most of it since the current cell phone using population stands at 7 billion which is equal to one cell in each hand.
While the Smartphone holding youth (aged between 16 and 24) in U.K. figures at 85% which holds a great prosperity for the android educational apps developers. The U.S.A. accounts for the for the largest market share in the global education apps market. The region leans on online learning technology because of available infrastructure along with increasing adoption by North Americans and also the region is expected to surpass the US $7 billion mark in education through apps.

Successful App brings big bucks.
Age Of Learning, an educational startup, was given a berth among the billion $ valued club because of its highly-grossing popular app, ABCMouse. It became the top mobile app development company. The app raised $150 million and the startup valued a billion from Iconiq Capital, as per the information from TechCrunch. This clearly hints at the potential held by educational apps.

Apps edge over Institutes.
Educational apps have taken their grounds in a very small period and are here to last long. These apps offer the similar teaching experience as students may have at a coaching institute on the other hand the timings flexibility and home convenience offered by these are an edge over the institutes. Being not limited by time the child can enjoy studying to his mirth.

Apps working in education need to be well designed with constant updates to keep their users engaged. The short span of educational apps beginning has brought a lot of competition in the segment where established app developing firms are leading the market with a lot chances for startups to make a space of their own such as BYJU’s emergence. Where there’s a good idea, investors automatically follow.

Educational apps need not be just symbols.
An educational app need not always have calculus, science, history and all materialistic subjects. There are toddlers who are also in the fray to learn and compete very soon. There are developers too working in this field where they make interactive apps for kids which actually builds up the identification and relating knowledge in kids. Microsoft is one among the leading developers catering to all age groups. There are IOS App Developers too who are the beginners of app development

There are apps available against every student’s requirements and for each age group. Even though the market is flooded with educational apps there are apps which can be said as the best education app because the market has app meets the requirements of each student.

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