Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tracing out few simple steps towards improved Mobile App engagement

Applications have gained quite a momentum ever since the mobile developers recognized the potentiality hidden in the teeny tiny device. Most of the sectors have been already infiltrated and the myriad topics explored. Wherein, on one hand, the device fulfills your requirement within a matter of a minute, likewise, the mobile app development process has also become a child’s play. Android mobile app development companies are luckier since they have many free app development tools available to design and develop an application. But do you think that is the end of the story??Well, the most difficult task only begins post app upload in the store. Why will smartphone users install your application?? Convincing them is one hell of a job. However, there are few simple tricks that can at least give you some idea on how to utilize them in popularizing the application. 

Shall we begin?
• Create impressive first impact- You probably must have heard that making the first impression is going to continue as the last impression. A lot of class work and homework need to be done by the app developer pre and post launch of the application. Even you succeed in getting it installed but keeping the user hooked to the app, you need to really push hard by convincing the user that he needs that app at any cost. Enhance his experience using the 1-time splash page, a new pop-up screen containing necessary information required by a first time user with an eye catchy theme. Incredible app usage experience will keep your end users sticking to the app.

• Personalized approach- Customer retention on your app is possible only if your application feeds in useful suggestions based on their purchase history as well as the last products searched, making sure that the messages are relevant and are of utmost importance. 

• Convert satisfied customers into app promoters- Social media has emerged as the perfect tool to promote any application. Mobile app development companies need to recognize the importance of linking social media sites to that of their apps. Any satisfied customer will be quite generous with the posts instantly tweeting on their experience, also giving positive feedbacks and good ratings for the application. Also, they are most likely to recommend your application to others thus marketing the application on your behalf. You can give them incentives to motivate them and pull in more customers.

Extensive use of In-app messages- Thoughtful exploiting In-app messages can help a mobile application developer inform the users of the different discounts and offers available, only to convince them in making the additional purchase of items while browsing the app. Make sure the messages do not form a distraction that might end up driving away the users.

Fun with Augmented Reality- This feature is useful for those app development companies who plan on designing retail e-commerce business to render a real-world environment directly or indirectly. Customers prefer to see how the items would actually look on them before they make their purchase decisions.

Timely feedback reviews to improve the app- App user feedback is very important often containing suggestions that require regular monitoring to improve the qualities of the app and overall user experience, keeping them satisfied and resell the same app to existing and new customers. 

More scope for education and entertainment- Currently customers prefer spending their free time scanning through the apps installed on their smartphone, to pass off waiting time or kill boredom. Utilize this as huge opportunity to drive app usage by engaging them with a blog or a community forum where users can spend time if not purchasing any item.

• Marketing to support the app- Irrespective of the above points, you need to realize that any mobile application businesses cannot survive the hardcore current market situation, competing with myriad other apps. Hence designing a well thought of recurring and sustainable marketing plan reflecting the many promotional tactics is crucial to gain optimum results.

Time to wrap up
The above-mentioned points are few basic tricks that any dedicated mobile app developer hired will be well versed with. Also, it is advisable to harness the service of a competent mobile application development company such as Fluper, who have the in-depth knowledge in mobile app development incorporating all these features that will benefit both your application and your business.
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