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10 Cheapest to Expensive Home Robots of 2018

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We all have heard about Sophia, the humanoid robot it is a global sensation now and even has a citizenship. The market got flooded with robot-like items with different specifications, shape, size, and functions. Let's check out some of the budget-friendly Home Robots.

1. DraWIn Mini

DraWIn Mini is a humanoid robot which can perform multiple motion-related tasks provided by its master through a mobile app development. It is 10.6 inches in height with a good collection of moves that creates a motion environment. The Robo is compatible with Arduino for exploration.
2. Jibo

Jibo is a social robot with voice recognization that can perform functions like set alarms for u, perform basic math, read news etc. It is a faceless robot with a weird structure like a cartoon which takes command through speech. Hey, Jibo is its opening command, it is filled with phrase commands and can dance for you as well.

3. Asus Zenbo
Zenbo is a robot announced by Asus kit is capable of being a companion to each family member, the engineers programmed it to provide assistance like babysit, entertain and home-related works. This home robot is totally human-friendly because it can understand spoken commands and take care of your minute things that you forget in your day to day life. It reminds you of your appointments and meetings.

Zenbo has 6GB RAM and 23MP camera to store the picture of its master in the memory and much more to recognize later.

4. HOVIS Eco Plus
HOVIS Eco Plus is an intelligent homeRobot capable of assisting from a beginner to an expert. This one has extensive electronics robot with gyro and accelerometer sensors with a 3D motion simulator. It is controlled by a remote so it means you can download the virtual remote application and get it to work on your Smartphone as well.

5. Robot Temi

Yossi Wolf, the CEO of the company that created Temi doesn't want to be called Temi a Robot because he believes the fiction is not what he built, his company has been building the robots for military purposes that can survive in any situation may it be sand or rocks, the robots are capable of surviving any environment. The same experience he wants to bring to everyone home with Temi, a Tablet on wheels who is your friend at home with no tantrums. The unique feature that temi bears are that it enables you to watch TV, listen to music and make video chat without actually holding the device in your hand because Temi can just take a walk with you.

6. Peeper
Peeper is developed by a Japenese Robotic Company Softbank and Peeper is already placed at different coffee places to interact with the customers for their order placement. It offers a fun set of speech program that lets the users place an order in a fun way.Peeper is capable of recognizing your speech, hear you and move around with you to accompany you.

7. NAO Evolution
NAO is another companion Humanoid robot that took engineers started working on it since 2006 and now they have sold about 10,000 of such robots worldwide. NAO is quite popular as it appeared in a dance performance alongside the choreographer imitating all the moves on the stage.

8. Robo Thespian
All the robots are seen so far didn't really match the fictional robot but Robo thespian has been developed as a fiction hero in real life and is ready for public demonstrations. It has flexible legs, gripping hands, and LCDs, LEDs to bring color to its cheeks and eyes. Its height and weight are 5 feet 6 inches and 33kg respectively with a maximum power consumption of 200 watts approximately.

Asimo is a humanoid robot developed by Honda in 2000 and is probably the most costly of all the robots mentioned so far. Asimo has the ability to capture all kind of motions, voices, and visuals in its environment in order to process it to communicate with the humans. It is 130cm in height and 38kg in mass.

10. iCub
($ 2.7million)
iCub is a one-meter high humanoid robot capable of crawling, solving complex 3D mazes, archery, shooting, grasping small objects and avoiding collisions. It is commonly used by scientist to study embodied cognition in Artificial Intelligence systems and there are 30 icubs in various laboratories in the European Union.


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To conclude Robots are making it to your home to help you out in exactly the same way you wish them to. So shop your robot and feel the technology ease you up. For any application development contact the top mobile app development company FLUPER @


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