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5 Essential SEO Tips which Can Make the Content User Friendly

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Search Engine Optimisation which has become a volatile concept. But before getting into detail, it is quite essential to delineate the exact meaning of SEO. Basically it is a procedure of getting the traffic either “free”, “editorial”, “paid” or “natural” search result on the search engine. This is because of the fact that Google algorithm are exposed to take various changes. This algorithms which are made for this month, may not work for the next month. So SEO should always under the notion of “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”.

SEO works under the threshold of a perceived message that “keep-up” with each and every content. So obviously if you are catering something to the mass then your content would be successful enough in case if you are putting it on right everyone’s front and make them reach a portion of the knowledge. So it
Today Search Engine optimizers and best of the content writers can reach to the desired crest if they are hitting top on the SERP’S. So it is quite essential to hire search engine optimisation.
Optimisation of Rich answers
Although it is aimed to get top position with the target keywords by SEO analysts in Google. Now it is quite essential to look for the rich answers. According to the topmost organic results, rich answers cover the domain of approximately 20% of Google search results out of 840,000 keywords to trigger.

Although it doesn’t share a considerable proportion, but it is expected that it would rise in the future. 

Although various consulting group has bifurcated the factors to get the relevant answers for a considerable rank on rich answers but Google has intended to provide value to its user most rich and relevant answers on the basis of search query. Few instructions have been jotted down.

In order to optimize the target rich answers, it is quite essential to optimize your targeted keywords. Once the page is getting the rank on the first page, it would enable to get your content into the rich answer box. 

It should always kept into the mind that content is something which is generated across the globe. So an algorithm should not be considered as a predetermined science theory. It keeps on evolving. So SEO strategy should be phenomenal and robust.

Multi-media optimisation

Content is always considered to be as equivalent to the mere words. But the text is something beyond the multi-media optimisation. Although content includes regular blog posts and site content. But it also comprises of infographics, live streams, video, podcasts, slide share presentations, guides, images, eBooks, webinars, social posts and various other things. Content marketing will be simplified when the content is quite diversified and generate to land quality SEO backlinks. 

It is quite essential to create backlinks which are qualitative rather than quantitative. With the help of backlinks with the right keywords the website will be compatible with the search engines. 

When the content is further expanded to other forms of content then it would enhance the user engagement or further moulded to repurpose content.

In order to reach the large audience in order to draw the eyes, multi-pronged approach should be adopted and similarly to deep dive the topic a long blog can be further distilled down into something which visually appeals to 35-minutes webinars.

So the ultimate motive is to generate intense user engagement.

Strategies to make your site super-fast
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There are various strategies to make in site super-fast, for instance , improvised hosting plan, understanding HTTPS requests, create internet-friendly images, trim down the external scripts, Optimisation of JJS and CSS files, elimination of website baggage, and use of CDN i.e. Content Delivery Network. 

With the help of these strategies customers will be satisfied with the superfast loading pages and this can be done with eliminating of all the irrelevant information on the website.

Always look for a website mobile friendly

In case the website is to prioritize by the search engine like Google so it is quite essential to choose mobile friendly websites by keeping the design short, precise content, serving the image which can easily be optimised for the device like mobile and with the help of responsive approach to web development which ensures a better user experience which easily consolidate with your website and SEO is not required a separate mobile URL. 

Google is leader, but don’t overlook Bing and Yahoo

It is a wrong thought process that Google is the king and the only search engine. To get your content global it is quite essential to use other search engines like Bing and Yahoo in order to attract customers and to get the website on top of the list of SEO ratings. 

To get the ultimate content it is quite essential to let your Freak flag fly which is the ultimate motive of SEO. Although these are very few strategies, but in case you have other robust strategies to do best with the content please let us know. Our representatives at Fluper will be glad to entertain queries or suggestions if any. 

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