Friday, 20 January 2017

How iOS is Impacted by the Launch of Swift Technology

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Apple took the industry by surprise when they announced the launch of their new programming language, swift at WWDC 2014. Prior to this, Objective-C was the choice of Apple for apps development for OS X and iOS for about 20 years. But from iOS 9 apps will be made in swift. Although there were changes and upgrades in the compilers of Objective-C, but now it’s a paradigm shift, forcing the developers and iOS app development companies to change the tools in their hands. In this blog I’ll explain what changes swift has brought about in the developer community and how it affects users.

Developers loving it!
Alex Chung, founder of Giphy, describes Objective-C as “a real pain”, he continues, it just really old school…it’s like speaking Latin”. This looks justified because in Objective-C, if one character is missed, entire code will nothing but a piece of junk. Finding out error is more tedious and time eating. Swift is trying to offer the best, it is based on the high languages like Python and JavaScript.
Swift tries to give the developer the comfort of a scripting language and capability of a programing language, with the introduction of playground, which is one of its kind. You can write code and see the implications of the code line by line. Previously dev had to write the code, then compile which may take from few seconds to few minutes depending on the size of the code, and then only he can see the reaction of the code.
While unfolding, Apple described swift as “Objective-C without C”, which simply means easier coding. In Objective-C, simple print need to be given in a sentence, while swift makes it swift by just typing “println”. Apple also argues the better memory management and improved enumerations in swift.

User’s Interests
Apps are developed for those who are not developers, and they care about the performance and not about the programing language. According to apple, swift apps are faster than Objective-C apps by 93X. This is one thing that catches the eye of the user. Apple announces swift 2 in 2015, which is going to be open source, this will attract more developers in the business, and more developers means more competition, which in turn benefit the user.
Lesser coding also means more and faster updates, as the developer has to write less. Swift also license the developer to create more heavy apps in much less time, giving an edge to the user in terms of operability.

It’s all not roses
The launch of swift has affected the ongoing projects in iOS app development companies, now with swift more developers will be launching their apps and the under development apps will be sold at throat-cut margins. Moreover, for now, Objective-C and swift has to go hand in hand with the use of frameworks.

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