Thursday, 13 April 2017

Skills for successful iOS Developer

iPad and iPhones have revolutionised the tech industry. And with the revolutions comes what is called as App Stores, where thousands of developers can showcase their talent in terms of app building. The iOS app developers are yet the more successful monetarily than compared to Android. This has resulted in wide attraction for the iOS app development among the top mobile app development companies in India. But in this chaos, many developers land up in troubles because they lack the key skills for the app development. Although, app development is lot easier now a day as compared to what it was say 3-4 years back. But still you need some skills that are vital in this arena. And since the app industry is expected to continue its growth in exponential relation, many more app developers will be required by the top mobile application development companies in India and in the world as well. We have brought you the list of skills that you must possess in order to be a successful iOS app developer.

Logical Reasoning
For any programing environment, the first thing that is required is called as logical reasoning. This will help you in thinking in the right direction and up to the right extend for a problem while coding. Getting the right path in codes is difficult sometimes. To understand the loops, controls and errors that may occur is possible only with Logical reasoning.

The newly launched programing language by Apple for the coding of iOS apps. It is the first and foremost skill that every iOS developer must have. It is based on Objective C and has retained many syntaxes and features from it. This language is going to be the future for all developments in iOS. For a starting developer the basics that includes, Control flow, Classes, Inheritance and Error Handling should be learned well.

The Apple owned, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is important to understand because it is here that you are going to develop the app. Xcode version 8 was released on June 13, 2016, which supports the Swift 3 language. Earlier it only supported Objective C and other programing languages.

Networking is very important in the app development because the knowledge of this will let you connect your app to the internet and finally to your servers. And without connections an app is nothing but a simple UI. This is done through JavaScript Object Notation or JSON. It is nothing but the standard data exchange mechanism.

Core Data
Core Data is a persistence framework developed by Apple. It is used for storing data on Apple devices. For instance, it saves and shares game play. If you have played a game up to a certain level and changed the phone, then you need not to start the game from level one again. Rather you can continue playing where you left in the last device.

Designing is the most important part when it comes to app development, because it is the design and layout of the app that is first witnessed by the user. Hence it is crucial for you to understand the skill of designing. Data is stored and displayed in many different ways and hence you need to control it through great design.

Spatial Reasoning
This is an extension of the Designing. If you are able to think in 3D, it will help you in better designing of the app. the users will use the app in a 3D environment and may be through different gestures, this will be well controlled if you can design an app which is able to work in accordance to the 3D world.  

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