Monday, 6 February 2017

Reasons to Choose Android Over iOS for App Development

With the increase in the app business, everyone is coming up with an app of their own. “There is an app for that”, is a common statement we hear a couple of times each day. Over 3 people out of 5 on the planet has a smartphone. And with the internet connections in these handheld devices has revolutionised human lives. From laundry search to taxi booking and from air ticket booking to doctor’s search, you can do almost anything with the apps. Currently, the app market has formed into a bipolar competition with Google’s Android on one side and Apple’s iOS on the other, and it seems we have a clear winner in the race, and its Android, everyone’s favourite. We have compiled a list of reasons why to choose android over iOS for application development. Have a look.

For amateur developers
Android is for poor and iOS is for the super-rich. That seems true, but that turns out to be in advantage for android. While Google charges a one-time $25 fees for publishing apps on play store, Apple charges $99 each year!! Well that might not be a big deal for top iOS app development services, it’s good enough for new developers not to choose iOS. That too was not enough, so Apple came up with a wait period of one week for publishing apps on app store. During this period, they may reject your app as a whole. While Google, on the other hand publishes app in 24 hours.

Wide spectrum of Devices
With a market share of 84.7% globally, versus 11.7% of iOS, android has certainly an edge over its rival. You may find android devices ranging from entry level phones of $80 to top end flagships worth $500. This gives the top android app development company a free hand to choose for the options and features of his app. And it’s an open market as compared to Apple, where everything is controlled by the company itself. With different companies in competition, the developer gets the maximum out of the resources.

Apple is quite boring when it comes to customizations, you have similar screens, similar icons over and over again in every device. Whereas, Android has lot of customisations not only for the user but many companies provide custom ROMs as well such as Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Sailfish. Mobile brands such as Xiaomi, LeEco and OnePlus provides their own user interface over stock android such as MIUI, Oxygen OS. This gives end-less possibilities for the developers to create apps specific for certain UI’s or for all in general.

Better Hardware (maximum times)
Android got fast charging, removable battery and dual sim, which are very important and popular hardware features. Apple, however lags in the category. Water resistance in Apple has started with iPhone 7 and it still have no plans for micro SD card support. Even the dual camera stared with android first and not iOS. Android still supports headphone jacks, for if in case any app requires it.

The Verdict
Although selecting the right platform for your app, is a matter of choice. While android has deep reach in the market even in the US, which is considered to be a safe haven for Apple. Android holds 52% market while 37% is held by iOS. But things changes drastically in Asian countries, China, for example, where Android has monopoly with 90% market share and merely 10% is acquired by iOS. Yet Apple developers have higher profits over android.

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