Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Penetration on Mobile App Marketing to Improve User Engagement

Although it was not astonishing that over 1.5 million apps are currently acquirable via App store and Play Store which has become quite challenging to get their app perceived such as Red Oceanwhich is the first step in order to fabricate the most imperishable gaming business.
As per Newzoo report, it has been notifiable that gamers managed to generate over $99.6 billion at the end of the year 2016 which is approximately 8.5% hike as compared to the year 2015.
Since apps are now an integral part of our daily lives analogously mobile app marketing has become the fundamental as far as brand is concerned. It demonstrates where and how to invest in order to enhance customer engagement and boost revenue.

Since there is no dearth of opportunities in apps market since it demonstrates the exponential growth in the number of competitors, hence the real challenge is to forbid the probability of getting your app vanished in the ocean. Although app store optimisation is the most obligatory step in order to get your app identified but even a well conducted app optimisation does not fulfil the requirement. 
Although it is quite fallacious if your app get downloaded in your customer’s phone, ensure nifty user experience and you are hitting the target. Although downloads can be considered as a lucrative key performance indicator but it demonstrates partial truth as far as the success of the app is concerned. Although there are comprehensive researches conducted regularly which reveals new insights what advances consumers to set up and participate with the mobile apps.

App discovery backed by elaboration but systematic plan of action
Although this has been a matter of concern to top mobile application development companies. It has been accepted by the marketers that consumers find new apps from the app store. This thought process is true upto certain extent. A good portion of people still hooked to the app store in order to find new apps. But it is not the only way to discover the app.

Search is considered to be the major source as far as app discovery is concerned. People can encounter your app in every stances for instance while engaging into an app, probing for any particular app, surfing a mobile browser or busy in watching a you Tube video.

This source of search has quite preoccupied with the local apps whereas reviews are the most prevalent one in case of tech apps. Although there are apps flooded in the app market which revealed the fact that over 3 million apps are yet to be downloaded as per Statista. After search, search ads play an important role to enable app discovery. Hence first and foremost step apart from search can be creation of effective ad formats in order to drive the app downloads. This would somehow pave the way of marketers to reconsider the brand approach once again.

Prioritise app engagement as well as re-engagement
Now that search ads not only raise the app visibility but also drives the app download. As per the comprehensive research conducted by various research firms, it revealed the fact that people will always turn up the app that simplifies theirlives but there is a flip side which accommodates the fact that apps are abandoned immediately after the transaction.

This become quite challenging for mobile app development companies to combat this situation, hence it is quite essential to testify the app with its value and utility. So, in case the apps are abandoned, top mobile application development companies are always prepared to take immediate action like arranging incentive for re-engaging the app like notifications of new features, exclusive or bonus card etc.

Understand the significance of app price
The most probable reason to download and install an app are recommendations by their reliable friends or close family members /family followed by comprehended level of fun/interest. But there is another reason apart from these factors i.e. price followed by description and feedback. Most of the people likely to pay nothing for an app until and unless the app is based on technology, finance etc.

Lay importance on app behaviour
What is the main idea behind one successful app and other one stagnant in this impulsive competition? The foremost reason is its attribute to make the life easier. Hence the key attributes to make it most frequently app is the clear notification followed by eye-catching designs as well as consistent user experience. Hence in order to enhance the app spending, these features must be prioritised. 

Intersection of web and apps
Although another issue that brands are expected to turn into bridging the gap between apps and web/mobile search. Google has manifested the concept of app indexing in order to make the life easier with mobile-friendly algorithm. App indexing foreparts your apps and return into the result pages via in-app purchases while users are mobile searches on Google. This is irrespective whether the app is installed or not, there would always be a Free or install button which would be next to the SERP.

Aforesaid are few of the concepts that are quite essential to recognize the mobile app marketing in order to improvise user acquisition.

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