Friday, 5 May 2017

Important considerations while creating a successful Social media app

Social Media App

Importance of right tools can be easily comprehended in case you are trying to build classic flat pack furniture without a particular screwdriver. Specifically for the social media managers, knowledge about the appropriate tools and best apps can really make a difference between a successful social media app and a mediocre social media app.
With innumerable new social apps being launched every day, it can be an arduous task to identify which one are worth using, analogously there are few points which are quite important to consider while building social media app.
Social media apps are now quite popular and can be witnessed well in Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube but the spectrum of social media is quite broader than expected. While considering the current fashion, useful social features can be integrated in order to see the upsurge growth as well as reputation in short term. If relying on the statistics, then the number of active social users is approximately 2.3 billion. So from a business perspective, the niche of social media is considered to be the hopeful market.
You must have undergone or chosen mobile application Development Company that are undergoing following steps to create the most successful social media app:
  • Strategy
  • Design which includes sketching, wireframing, prototyping, and Design app skins
  • Development and Quality Assurance
  • Publish and Marketing
  • Support
These are few of the steps to create social media app.
But there are few considerations which must be taken care of while creating a social media app:
By establishing connection with the existing social media
Lesser the steps separate the user from the mature interaction with an application, the better. Although this is not yet to reveal that there are ton of social media platforms where the user might have left their details, hence it would be worthless to force them to do it all over again. So, to cut down the way to do it all over again, then just go for a button “connect with”. Since social graph plays a quite significant roles, hence to raise the social graph swiftly, social connections leverage the app very efficiently. It is quite essential to accelerate login process which has the more probability to reduce the abandon ratio. On this perspective, it is important to consider that users will approach apps which have users-friendly navigation with the most advanced functionality.
Expansive Opportunities for self-expression
Self-expression is the expression of one’s individuality hence every user wants to feel unique and how the world how imaginative, extraordinary as well as outside the box he or she is. So as far as social media apps are concerned, it should be included some essential features that can come like customisation of profile picture, nicknames, backgrounds, interests, mood etc.
Social media has been the platform to enhance the social reputation hence users normally prefer to make their profile picture with activities, status, mood and other updates with occasional uploading of photos, video and all other stuffs that are somewhat related to the festival, event etc. Hence with the ultimate motive to enhance credibility as well as identity, mobile app developers must dedicate their talent to create some attractive fonts, styles as well as combinations with bespoken profile appealing.
Creating a perfect algorithmic network
Social media is an interconnected system of people, hence any social media do make some sense if users finds his or her acquaintances or interesting people. Hence while creating the social media app, it is the utmost responsibility of mobile app developers to work through to develop the perfect algorithm of friends’ graph. So a perfect procedure should be built in order to invite friends with just a click. Here comes into the picture two model in order to create connections with friends and followers known as private as well as public network. Even the app developers must comprehend the difference between the two in order to create user graph to seamlessly connect with friends whereas followers enhance the social strength.
Prioritising the newsfeed
Newsfeed is something quite essential especially for a social media app where content is the most significant one. Users are also involved in generating the enormous amount of content themselves for instance statuses, check-ins, videos, and audio as well as photo uploading. Users do like to share even other’s content which give them opportunity to express their opinion as well. Hence when a social media is built, irrespective to the platform whether android or iOS, it is significant to arrange the news feed that can accommodate the social media app in a best possible way.  
These are some of the most important considerations while creating the most innovative social media app which can really justify the main essence of login into your social media app and ensure its long run survival.

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