Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Things to Know: Hiring Android App Developer

Since the dawn of the “app” age, these apps have created wide penetration on the smartphones as well as other devices like tablets, smartwatches and even health hardware devices. And in between this chaos and race to get the app, a common business owner struggles to find the right app developer for himself. While selecting the right app developer is very crucial because it is the developer which works on the project and he is the one who is responsible for the success and failure of the app.
And if you don’t have an app, you might be at the losing end, no matter how much revenue you generate. This way you are losing the new customer set that uses app as their primary helping hand in shopping and other business related activities.
Most of the times new business owners, get struck in the poor performance of the app developers, thereby facing loses or an unsuccessful app that has limited or no impact on the users of the business. So we have brought you the blog that will help you finding the right and top android app development company in India. Have a look.

Look for Portfolios
Getting to know about the apps that a developer can work upon is very important. This way you can conclude whether the developer can offer you what you are looking for. As humans have less attention span, even less than a goldfish! It is vital to get the best app and that needs to be trendy as well.
And therefore, app developer becomes even more important and their portfolios matter a lot. More than 60% odds are that users will download your app just by looking at it. Hence portfolios play a vital role in deciding whether what you want is possible and feasible by the company or the developer that you are planning to hire.

Client List
By checking the client list, you can judge that whether the developer has worked on a similar project as yours before you or not. This way you can predict whether the developer have some experience in the similar projects and technical skills.
Client testimonials also give you an idea about the reputation and promise keeping of the company, which is very important especially in aftersales support.  And this feedback is quite trustable because it coming from the end which has been associated with the developer in the past.

Client Involvement
This is certainly one of the most important aspect of the app development. Involving the client in the development process of the app is essential because this way you be in control of the app development and not the developer, which has mothing to do with your business. And therefore, it is only you who understands your business requirements.
And your presence in the development cycle of the app will benefit you. This way you can also nip any problem in the bud itself, thereby saving money and time. For example, if any feature or UI that you think is not perfect, you can request the developer to change there and then instead of telling it after the complete development process is over.

Development Platforms
It is important these days to verify the development platform of the app. With a number of choices available, and all of them their own set of pros and cons, it is vital to select the right platform for your app. Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic and Native are some of the most popular app development platforms that is being used by top android app development company in India. And you should know the platform on which your app is being developed.

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