Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Acquiring too Many Skills might Ruin Your Career

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It was 9th November 2014 when Ministry of Skill Development was set up by newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi and allocated a huge budget of $450 million for the same. The main purpose of setting up the new department was to produce skilled labour and the instructions were given to all the education institutes to adopt this.

Although many higher educational institutes were working on skill developments many years before the ministry was set up but since the ministry has been set up a lot of small educational institutes are also emphasizing on skill development and as result of this number of internships and workshops have been increased and in near future a drastic changes in education system can be expected.

In media & entertainment, IT, Engineering and Marketing huge amount of skills are required and the graph of admissions in Engineering college has fallen down in last few years explains the entire story, there was a time when most of the students used to choose Engineering as their career path but now students are moving towards different field, even lot of engineers move towards non-technical education after completion of their graduation but in non-technical education skills play a key factor to attain a job but there are still opportunities waiting in technical field as the app development companies are flourishing in India, there are a lot of  Mobile App Development Companies in India that provide industrial internships to young IT students which not only gives experience to students but also pays decent amount of stipend and Fluper Ltd is one among of these.

But it has also been noticed that a few students focus on learning too many skills at the same period of time and that might go against them because they might not get proficiency over any 1 or 2 skills that is required in industry. Even if they get command over each skill then also it will create confusion and students don’t able to decide that which field they should choose and in industry a lot of companies can consider them over qualified or can’t decide where this guy will fit into. Sometimes students with lot of skills switch their professions over the small period of time and that become hurdle in their professional growth because the previous experience might not matters in new profession.

But since the start-ups has been promoted by the government of India people with too many skills can take huge advantages of their talents and their skills can prove boon for them for an example if someone wants to do start-up with app development company then having skills like development, designing and marketing can come into picture and one of the Top Mobile App Development Company Fluper which was just an start-up 2 years back had the same situation and now it is considered among the best mobile app development companies in India that not only provides its services in India but also in overseas like Malaysia, Singapore and UAE and have also step into services like Android Game Development, Wearable Application Development and many more.

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