Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Why Mobile Apps are Better than Websites?

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Websites and mobile apps both are the great platform to engage the existing and new audience but the stats says that the no. of mobile users are increasing with rapid pace while no. of website users are increasing with study pace. According to the no. of smart phone users will increased up to 467m by 2021, that is a huge jump, so the need of mobile apps will also increase over the period of time, here are the few reasons why mobile apps are better than website.

1: Option of notification: Notification makes a strong impact on engagement of the audience, there was a time when email was the only option to engage audience actively but not it has been taken place by many other platforms. According to research report by experts more than 30% of notifications are opened by the users so the injection of notifications is the reason behind the Mobile Apps are more engaging.

2: Personalization: Personalization plays an important role in engagement, in email we can personalize only the users name but in app we can give the information to users that your friends are doing this and this, that makes a huge impact on users mind and that lead to engagement.

3: Fast loading time of Apps: Mobile apps are much faster than website the main reason behind this is the image sizes are made according to mobile users but in website images are designed for both mobile and desktop users but the apps should be design and developed by the Top Mobile App Development Company. Always look for those companies that focus on mobile friendly apps and websites.

4: Option of Download: An app can be downloaded but websites can’t be, this is the huge difference between websites and mobile apps a user spends 3 times more time with its mobile than desktop and if the app is downloaded on his/her smart phone than chances of visiting on app would be higher.

5: Retargeting: Even though the app would be uninstalled by the users then also those past users can be retargeted by the remarketing technique, remarketing is a great technique provided by Google adwords that is used to retarget both websites and mobile users.

6: Ability to work offline: Offline work and past activities can be seen on mobile apps that is more convenient for the users to spend more time on apps, absence of this function is also a reason why website is lagging behind mobile apps.

7: Greater Penetration: The reach of mobile apps are more in countryside areas as well, while penetration of desktop is less in villages, so if you are targeting villages as well then you should focus more on mobile apps rather than websites.

8: Low Marketing Cost: Although the making cost of mobile app is higher but the marketing cost is much cheaper than website, you will make website of app once but you have to market your app or website forever.

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