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Xamarin: Scalability and Future: What you need to know?

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According to e-marketer, by the end of 2017, more than one third of the world’s population will be smartphone users. This has started a chain reaction, in which many developers and top mobile app development companies are coming up with their own development platforms. One such platform is Xamarin, which is currently used in cross platform app development.
First launched in 2011, Xamarin provides great features to its users. It is “write once- use anywhere” tool that helps in code sharing and easy API integration in the apps. With a growing developer community of more than 600,000 developers, Xamarin is the leader in cross platform app development. It provides near native app experience to the users, which is a great deal when it comes to cross platform.
But before crowning the Xamarin for everything let’s take a closer look into the
platform. Here we start.

  • Near Native Apps
Building native like apps is important in cross platform. It is always considered that cross platform apps are below par as compared to that of native apps, when it comes to performance. This is where Xamarin comes handy. It has IDE that allows code compilation in C#, which provides near native like user experience. It also lets you use the device specific features like camera and GPS.

  • Easy API Integration
Xamarin provides easy and efficient integration of the API, it binds the same API and UI controls that are used to build iOS, Android and Mac apps in their own platforms. Codes can be shared using Portable Class Libraries. Thanks to their state of art, binding technology they are able to integrate the new features as soon as they are introduced in the OS.

  • C# Gives a Boost
C# is a simple and modern programming language. Being OOPs language, it more modern than C++. It also provides other facilities such as type safety that safeguards the program from type errors, that may harm the code. It also supports .Net that helps developers a lot. These all feature list makes C# a great programming language for the cross platform app development.

  • Offline Apps
Xamarin reuses business logic layers and data access cross platform. Which helps in storing large amount of data on device and offline mode need to be implemented. This helps the offline usage of the apps, which is very important in case of users are not connected to the internet.

  • Limited Developers
Although developer community is increasing in Xamarin, it is yet to come close in case of android and other OS. With the developer community of 600,000 Xamarin is one of the growing community. This slows the growth in Xamarin. Because mobile app development companies don’t get the right developers for the projects.

  • Limited Code Sharing
Okay, don’t get me wrong, code sharing, outside of Xamarin is difficult. You cannot take the reusable modules and components outside Xamarin. So if you have written a code in Xamarin, you cannot share it with development team of android or iOS.
The Verdict
Besides all the above plus and minus of the platform, it can be concluded that Xamarin is a good choice for cross platform app development, that’s why many top mobile app development companies are using it to deliver great apps in both iOS and android. It lets you create, test and modify the apps in its IDE, which provides the ability to the developer to put his thoughts on the canvas.

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