Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Web development vs.Mobile App Development- A Token of Victory in 2017

Mobile App Development in India

The so-called web revolution where the software developers for the World Wide Web considers HTML 5 standard to be quite revolutionising the similar way web has evolved. It has further simplified the work of the programmers and synchronising the access over the diversified devices. Similarly mobile revolution did not even commence until around 2008, and still invading. Consumers are trying out the latest apps which gives a notion that still there is a plenty of room for innovation and even discovery in app ecosystem.

Angular has recently skipped the Version 3 to introduce the most web application framework to reach version 4.0 last week. It gained popularity over its role in MEAN stack i.e. ExpressJS, AngularJS and MongoDB which has although lost suffix “JS” and gained momentum over the level of compatibility. On the other hand, in the age of mobile-first initiative and enterprise mobility that has sufficiently contributed to look for low-code development topics as there are still unsatisfying demand with chronic shortage of mobile app developers. These never ending development with each passing days certify that web development and mobile application development go hand in hand. But which can support for an award to success. Hence by considering the entire twist and turn, mobile is still suggested to be vigorous but web development now regarded to be mature industry. But who is going to be in top of the game, it’s quite vital to monitor.

Web Development Trend that will certify its long-run existence

Evolution of JavaScript

JavaScript has although become a silver bullet as far as quick web app development is concerned. It serves as the framework from single page apps and enable developers to take less strainwhile maintaining the code structure and help the web developers to dedicate themselves to create the most complicated interface elements. IBM has acknowledged JavaScript to be the best programming language to learn.

From the past couple of months,it has successfully sprung-up to cater client and server sides and gave assistance to design most delightful interface with unlimited functionalities and features. JavaScript is capable to modify the web page in real time which will ensure long-run existence. 
Expansion of Conversational UI with bots

Although Chatbots has managed to gain its importance in banking environment and created everything more customisable and personable. Bots have been crafted into the device and has operated in the background from past couple of years. In 2016, few of the software companies have started to exploit the capabilities precisely beyond the simple questioning of information. It is then followed by programmed response.
Chatbots software that are although engaged with users and performance of tasks on their behalf over natural language dialogues and are proliferating the maximum especially on consumer messaging platform such as WeChat platform and Facebook messenger with the ultimate motive to as a means of communication to interact the brands.

Static website generators

With the interdependent ecosystem, this year static website generators is expected with:
·       With rethinkdb and couchdb, content would be easily stored in the modern database system in order to support the real-time publish. Similarly content will be easily imported irrespective from any location into the database such as word press blog etc.

·         It would generate static website while content is exported into the database from any location.
·    With rich APIs that would extend the database to allow the native comments to be added into the comment interface.

·   In order to create an alternative to import content from existed system, the interfaces can be easily created from the top of the API extension.

Mobile app development trends that will endorse to win the game in 2017

According to the comprehensive survey conducted by SurveyMonkey, global revenue has witnessed an increase of approximately 962.5% by covering the span from 2011 to 2017 and would surpass the figure of $100 billion USD by the end of the year 2020.

Cloud driven apps are expected to occupy

Earlier I have taken the initiative to delineate the concept of cloudification which has ensured that upcoming years would experience significant impact of cloud-based mobile app technology. Since each and every app consists of heavy graphics and looks for extra space to work seamlessly and rapidly. Hence with the contribution of cloud-based app, the apps would perform faster. The ultimate credit of the expansion of cloudification goes to 3G and 4G services which have made the cloud service affordable for enterprises. And further initiative has been taken by Software as a Service in order to make the remarkable business. It has even landed the middle as well as small-sized at par with big enterprises.
Certainly with the proliferation of cloudification which has a trickle down impact from startups to top rated mobile application development companies.

Artificial Intelligence to bring in reality
As far as enterprises and Science are concerned, Artificial Intelligence has exponentially becoming the hottest topic till date. Google’s acquisition of $400 million in DeepMind and Faraaday’s future has manifested the interest on AI by unveiling self-driving cars on the auspicious occasion Of CES 2017. With this cutting-edge technology, it has grown out to be the most promising areas in mobile too. This enhanced the skills and added an extra criteria to hire top-rated mobile application development Company

More priority on Enterprise Apps
In case you are more concerned about the way enterprise mobility apps are channelizing, then it is also considered to be the most optimistic area in 2017. With DevOps that has started marching in favour of enterprise mobility apps by utilising the strength of innovative technologies. It has expanded opportunities for the mobile app developers to show their creativity without any hindrance.

The wrapping up
After considering the several factors, still there is no universal answer ready. Hence while choosing between the mobile app development and web development, it is quite suggested who are the end users of the application and the way they would interact.  At the end, targeted audience must be taken into consideration and in case solutions look for the employment of B2B OR B2C.

So, in this pinnacle point, both are expected to bring the same token of victory and would ensure long-run survival.

If you appreciate innovation and are looking to create the path-breaking app, then Fluper is a top-rated mobile application development company that is aware of the latest technology and creates the most innovative app. 

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