Friday, 7 July 2017

Importance of Marketing your Developed Mobile App and Few Steps to Follow

You are totally aware of the importance of owning a mobile application if you wish your organization to withstand the competition in the business world. But are you aware of the need to market your developed mobile application???

Yes!! you have to promote the application so that it will boost up your business operation.

Why do you need to market your mobile application??

Do you know how many applications get uploaded on the play store every day?
How will your prospective customers seek you out from the sea of applications?

There are over thousands of applications, covering all most every sector or product. So creating a unique idea for business and develop an innovative app is just not the end of your work. Rather your journey begins from there. If you wish your application to boost up your business firm, then you need to push up the app in the ladder and place it in front of your key viewers. In short, extensive marketing and sales promotion is highly crucial for your application.

Two key reasons to advertise the mobile app:

  • To reach out to a large number of viewers
  • Make your app easily visible

The reason is very simple and obvious. However, to achieve this objective can be a bit tricky. So you need to develop proper strategies and find out ways to market your business application. However, the tools are not much different from the ones we harness to promote any product.

Let us get a brief understanding of the different options that we can explore.

What are the different ways to promote your mobile app???

There are multiple options available for you. It is up to you to choose the best ones among them.

  • Good and landing page- Make a simple and clear one liner intro for your app
  • Start your app blog- Post regular updated topics with focus on your core objective
  • Social media marketing- Harness the social media platform like creating facebook page.
  • Mobile advertising- Google offer mobile ads to target users searching from Google web page. PPC can work for you.
  • Guest blogging- Target different tech and other blogs to post your niche content of your company as a guest to draw key viewers.
  • Video intro for the app- Instead of words, you can put a video intro on your landing page. Visualization exert greater impact on the viewers.
  • Ask for app reviews- Besides tech blog sites, there are other app review sites where you can post an article about your application and request for useful feed backs and reviews.
  • Create and share interesting info graphics- Info graphics Tool such as can create one for you that you can post on any social media platform
  • Start a community- Social media platform such as Facebook allow you to form communities with like-minded people, sharing similar interests.
  • Work on App store optimization strategy- Optimize your app icon, title, description and screenshots in ways  to make your app visible easily to the end user.
  • Create a video channel on YouTube- You need to regular feed in interesting video content, user surveys, news flashes, user content etc.
  • Communicate within your personal circle- Requests your friends and families to promote your app through ‘word-of-mouth’ or through social media sharing.
  • Grow your subscriber list- Grow your subscriber list and collect email addresses who will, in turn, push your updates to thousand others.
  • Offer discounts- If your application has in-app purchase option, offer them occasional discounts and inform them via push notifications or email newsletter.
  • Cross-promote with another application- Team up with another application to cross-promote both the partners’ business apps.
  • Encourage customer ratings- Request your happy app users to leave a fair rating on your app that will pull in more users.
  • Place your app in the right spot- Choosing the appropriate app keywords and categories will decide your ranking.
  • Regular monitor your performance- Keep a close track on your app performance analytic to study the customer behavior towards your mobile application. Based on such analysis prepare your future course of action.
  • Re-engage your current users- It is important to keep your existing users to remain hooked up on your app for a long time. Google has launched a new initiative to allow you to run ads and compel your users to again return to your app and pull in new ones.

You can also view the video link below to get a clear idea

Summing Up

Customer feedback can be an important tool to upgrade your application. Apart from that, the above mentioned points are just a few common steps you can undertake to market your business mobile application. If you have higher budget, then appoint Mobile marketing agencies who will promote your work on your behalf., Appency are few such agencies.

So begin your application journey by first establishing it properly in the play store and increase your daily users.

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