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Consider using the important tips for mobile app payment gateway integration

Mobile technology has taken over the present era and is likely to rule the following eras as more and more participants infiltrate the sector in an attempt to taste the fruits of this modern technology. Mobile app developers try their best to come up with applications catering to multiple user requirements. Such technology has boosted the growth of online shopping in recent years compelling smartphone users to complete their shopping across different e-commerce applications. But mobile application development companies engaged in e-commerce business must be aware of the importance of proper mobile app payment gateway integration to their designed application to facilitate online payment alongside online shopping. Such payment gateways form an integral part of any e-commerce application development process. Now it is a fact that users are highly impatient. If your designed application fails to feature a proper payment gateway option or contains an almost unresponsive one, then it is highly likely the customer is going to abandon the application for an alternate option. So if you wish to retain the customers make sure the application is filled with an assortment of payment options to choose from. 
Before we embark into the useful tips and tricks, it is crucial for one and all to find out what actually do we mean by payment gateway??
If you Google this term, the first definition that we get is taken from Wikipedia that defines ‘payment gateway’ as a merchant service usually offered by an e-commerce application service provider permitting users to make credit card or direct payments for any online purchases from the online retailers and e-commerce application services.
Having cleared all the doubts pertaining to this term, it is time to understand the tips and tricks that need consideration before they can be integrated into the enterprise application.
• Provide different payment options for users to choose from- Conduct a detailed analysis of most used online payment options to ensure the best payment options offered to the app customers.
• Minimize the friction caused when navigating to the payments page of the app- An attractive mobile application entails the incorporation of a payment page within the app framework instead of guiding the users to an unfamiliar web page that may confuse the buyer. In such cases, it is highly likely the user will abandon the application in confusion before checking out the shopping cart.
The payment gateway must have payment card industry- data security standard compliance- These are standards designed ensuring safety and security of the users’ card information within the gateway. The PCI-DSS compliance certification of your application imbibes customer confidence for the application to make it more appealing.
• Quick and easy to use- Make sure the payment gateway is not slow enough to drive away impatient users without completion of the purchase process. Make a thorough research on the high-speed SDKs before integrating one such into your application.
• Payment gateway does not delay the compensation process- Mobile developers engaged in e-commerce applications must opt for most-rapidly compensating gateway solutions to get your payment dues cleared sooner than it takes in case of certain other payment options that have the tendency to keep you hanging for quite a number of working days even though the payment has already been received from the users lot in advance.  
• Appropriate cost structure selection- The cost structure must be wisely chosen so as not to disrupt the overall app quality to recover your payment.
Time to wrap up
The hired mobile application development companies have numerous options to select all or few of them to incorporate into the application developed. Few popular ones are:
The ultimate objective of this entire discussion is to bring forth the importance of incorporating mobile app payment gateway into the application developed irrespective of whether it is an e-commerce, restaurant, travel and hotel applications. If the developed application demands payment of sort then it is advisable to involve such a gateway.
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