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Track your calorie intake with the popular yet free calorie counter apps

Have you ever realized that the youth of today suffers from obesity issues more compared to their elders?  What is the reason behind health issues such as obesity, laziness, diabetes etc especially among the Gen X?? Mobile technology with its unending applications is the main culprit responsible for pushing the younger generation into leading an unfit life. Too much time employed on the smartphone is directly responsible for such rising issues. Mobile application development companies, however, have designed calorie counter mobile applications to fight the social issues. Technology is really funny in the sense that it develops antidotes to counter the venom spread by it first.

So, which are the popular applications countering calorie intake available in the app stores??

MyFitnessPal- One of the popular calorie tracker application designed by both Android app developers and iOS mobile application development companies aids in achieving the desired goal for you to minimize calorie intake by recommending daily diet chart with maximum calorie intakes throughout the day categorized into breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. All the entries made in the application is saved in ‘Diary’, represents graphically the ‘Progress’ made on a daily basis and ‘Nutrition’ paints a detailed picture on calorie intake for every meal that you take. Ad free version also comes with additional features like file export, setting different goals for each day, and food analysis among many others.

MyNetDiary- Yet another application available designed by mobile developers for both Android and iOS users, it is quite identical to MyFitnessPal application but surpass it in aesthetic features offering beautiful interface and nice animations. All you need to do is feed in the details of your daily food intake and the application will help you to track on the calories intake per meal. Also, the app creates a “Calorie Budget” on your behalf that measures the number of calories that you must consume per day in order to achieve your desired target along with a calorie analysis and weight chart based on your exercise routine entered into the app. For motivation, keep your before and after images in the application. Pay $39.99 annually to access more features like linking more apps, detailed nutrient analysis, detailed body and health charts, etc.

My Diet Diary- To begin your journey with the app, first enter your credentials such as age, gender, eight, current weight, goals, desired weight, and the date by which you want to accomplish your target. Then you will likely to face couple of questions such as whether you have diabetes or not to make the application plan accordingly. Similar to the predecessors, enter the food items consumed by you either by searching or scanning their barcodes, your water consumption, exercise, and log your weight occasionally. ‘Daily Diary’ is a feature that allows you to see both the number of calories consumed and those yet to be consumed along with the minutes exercised and the calories burned. Plan your diet accordingly with detailed analysis under ‘Charts’ to track your weekly and monthly weight, calories, exercises, and steps. Communities such as weight loss & dieting, nutrition, healthy cooking, exercise & fitness allow people to gather and discuss to solve calorie issues.

FatSecret- This mobile application development service counters calorie intake that works on a similar logic as that of its predecessors involving the entry of few of your personal details such as current weight, gender, activity level, height, and the weight that you are aspiring to gain. The app has a ‘Diary’ feature that stores such information on calories that you are still left to take for the day to reach the set target, also tracking the calories you have taken so far. This is the same place where you keep adding food intakes throughout the day and the application will deduct the number of calories from the day’s goal directly. The ‘Reports’ tab displays a chart of the calories you have consumed so far along with the macros and nutrients information for the same. Also, you can share your progress with your dietitian, trainer, or doctor and can link your account with Google Fit with Fitbit to sync calories burned and steps taken throughout your day. Export the diary as a PDF file to save for future reference.

Cronometer- Similar to the others in the list, this calorie tracker application functions on the similar logic offering you a platform to input details such as the food items consumed throughout the day, also list the exercises performed if any. The app will calculate the net calories that you gained or lost accordingly. Thus you can keep an eye on the number of calories that you must take for the day in order to reach your daily target prescribed by Chronometer. Also view the detailed macros consumed by you and the individual targets decided for all. Further track your progress using the detailed calorie charts and nutritional reports available in the app.

Wrapping Up

Couples up calorie counter applications with diet and workout apps to get maximum result in the shortest possible time. So, if you have to deck up beautifully before an occasion and your belly fat is likely to create an obstruction, you know where to get help at a reasonable rate.

VR embedded mobile apps designed for health and fitness has been stressed upon more due to the many health crisis that crops up owing to the unstable lifestyle led by people nowadays.

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