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What Benefits can you derive from Geo-location based Mobile Applications??

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There is no limit to technological advancement, something which the mobile app developers have realised soon enough to exploit the mobile technology which is such a field that is under rapid expansion spreading across varied domains, exploring untouched areas and launching unimaginable innovations. Mobile device has raised quite a revolution in the telecom industry surprising users with continuous blow of brand new features and applications.

The geo-location mobile technology is one such feature that identifies the correct location of any mobile device, be it a smart phone, tablet or a laptop. The concept is very similar to that of GPS or global Positioning System with minute points of differences lying between the two.

Geo-location based mobile application development services are highly beneficial rendering location based services to its many users.

This particular feature in mobile application benefits both consumers and service providers alike.

Location based mobile apps covers a whole range of categories that includes:

      Social media
      Information Services

Allow me to elucidate how consumers and service providers stand to win through Geo-location based mobile applications??

American based coffee house, Starbucks, can be cited here as an example of how a company makes use of Geo-location based mobile application development services to offer customized service to its customers and, in return, prosper economically.

This coffee giant incorporates Geolocation mobile technology to collect remarkable sets of data on their visiting customers in rendering customized sales service to offer many perks, rewards and discounts as well.

Mobile developers harness the benefits of such location based mobile applications in facilitating their clients better cater to their end users’ requirements by generating relevant products at the right place and time.

We know that smartphone users have wholeheartedly embraced the first generation of geolocation based mobile services. We can provide a whole range of such examples out of which Google Maps apps for locating direction has remained in the top list till date.

If we undergo a survey on location based services, we can get pretty much surprised by the inferences deduced from such an inspection. Likewise, Pew research centre’s research result showed about 74% of the adult Smartphone users harness geolocation installed on their device to get directions and other related information directly connecting to their current locations.

From customers’ point of view, we can enlighten the benefits obtained from geolocation apps by citing the examples of few such mobile applications that function on such a technology.

    Taxi applications- Taking rides in taxis booked through apps like Uber has become quite a trend. Tracking the smartphone's location via geolocation tracker is used for booking a cab from a certain point to the drop-in location and fare generation for the ride.

    Augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go- The player’s location is tracked to give an effective localized experience on playing the game.

    Online order and delivery of food items- Geolocation application helps user search for local restaurants for online order of food and also helps them to track the status of your order. Also the delivery charge is calculated based on the app user location.

    Tracking of online purchased goods- Products purchased online can be easily tracked with the help of this application and also have knowledge on any shipping charges whether attached through this app.

    Beneficial to dating apps- Social Dating app make use of these location based app to fix dates near to the user’s location.
    Navigation tool- For travelers, this application offers valuable suggestions on different venues and places of interest, also reviews on such locations. Moreover this option guides travelers to opt for the right path to choose when the user is on the move.

Wrapping Up

Geo-location based mobile app development services have proved to be the most sought after applications, highly preferred by present generation to enjoy the services that are customized fitting to their location and specification. Also, such apps help in navigation and locating destinations.

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