Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Don’t wait for your friends to plan just go solo and trust your Smartphone

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This is for all the readers who are trying to understand technology and its immense use for every possible activity of humans, the old scholars who read in news about the advancements and for all the new ones who never saw the evolution of technology and directly got introduced to it. Travelling is a life experience, there may be a possibility that virtual reality might give you a tour of the entire world just by spinning on the chair through a 3x6x3 inch device but the air breeze through the mountain is never the same as the AC. Travelling alone is, however, a negative thought for most of us. We aren’t confident enough if the trip just has the company to oneself so we involve our friends, family or partner to come along. Hijacking an unknown place and surviving there was like landing on the moon before but now if you feel like hiking just get your Smartphone and do it, later you can share the experience through a video or pictures.

The Youth who continued to see the rapid evaluation and the implementation at the workplace didn’t hesitate to introduce the technology in routine. The best app for travel is available on the play store but the reliability on the application by the older generation for travelling is not much easy to witness.

Let's check out some cool applications for your trip

It is an application to save your time to visit multiple travel agents for best deals around the dates you wish to plan the travel. The cheapest flight deals can be swiped over your phone than on a travel agents calendar. More such applications make my trip, kayak, Hopper etc.

Once you are at one of your wish list countries but you know nothing about the commuting trends there even if you have landed after a research of that place, you still need a safe ride to visit different historic places. Uber is the best choice because it’s available in more than 700+ cities or that’s what they claim. If you are visiting India you have got another option like ola and if you are in USA Lyft is your another option to choose from.

The travelling definitely involves treks and underwater sports, now if you enter a rural area with not much internet connectivity then who is your saver, Google Maps is an excellent guide to your trek through the mountains if you are lucky enough to have local area signals in your Smartphone.

With expensive flights you need to manage the hotel tariffs too, this application helps you find home stays at a very reasonable price and a local cultural experience on your trip to know insides of the country you are visiting.

Every new area has a different type of commutes and to experience the tramp, bus, metros, subway etc. City Mapper connects you with an online and offline timetable of local commutes to travel from one place to another.

Final words

If the younger generation has got an application knowledge then the oldies have got the life experience. Now I am not saying that either one is wrong but the acceptance by the older generation of calculated advice coming from young ones and giving up of I know it all attitude by the younger generation will make it a better place for everyone to live and travel. The place where your battery is dead, power bank is out of power and there is no socket at all and the trip management app are nowhere to guide you who is to your rescue there, a grown-up mind with similar experience. The invasion of technology has brought the world closer but parted families with different generations, which may not be big deal at the national level but it is at an individual level.

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