Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Attention! Your Inferiority to Technical Documentation May Lead to Acute Loss!

Technical documentation is something that might seem useless to you and a matter of futile expenditure in the very first look. But looking closely, you’ll get to know that this is something very crucial which can lead you to save a hefty amount. Hence the situation is slightly a bit differ than what you except as it will help you clutch more money in the long run than one can expect.
How come such a bit of paper can bring you such a hefty amount as the saved one, let’s throw the light on a stunning figure which states that technical writers bags way more money than any other writers in the field. According to the survey a technical writer, the one who writes the documentation for the software, earns up to $8000 whereas its closest seed in the computing services is able to manage merely up to $4000. Hence the importance can be assessed in the field of mobile appdevelopment when you’re intended to bring your business on the small screens.

You might be puzzled with the iteration of the word “technical documentation”! Let us first make it clear what the heck is this!

Much of the Name! Let’s Dig in!
There are numerous mobile appdevelopment companies which keep on using term technical documentation or technical specification but you’ll rarely get the one who will describe you this in detail. Actually, technical documentation is an entire road map of your project which ensures the multi-level understanding of the project from idea to deployment.

A technical specification includes everything from intro, purpose of the application, technological involvement, and wireframe to the budget, timeframes and even the doubts and concern about the application.

Is it really important to have documentation?
Or can we still do without having it? The answer is yes but with numerous risk factors that accompany it. A technical documentation ensures various crucial factors that can’t be overlooked while developing an application. Let’s dig in deeper!

1.       Provides Your App With Universal Recognition
It’s an established fact that a technical documentation is intended to simplify the complexities related to the app procedure. A professionally drafted technical document for your app helps it to make the recognition among the common people as well. Additionally, it helps the experts to understand the codes, logics and correlation of technology involved in it.
All in all, it’s an ultimate source of credibility for your team!

2.       Provides Resilience For Future Alterations
If your documentation is done properly then, it proves out to be your savior in terms of future app development if required. An efficiently documented specification enables you to introduce the changes as per the requirement. In addition to that, it also curb the hassle and misinterpretation to the new comers, thus providing you with the value for money. It also ensures all the improvements to be implemented in no time.

3.       Increases the evaluation of your app
In addition to the explanation about everything, from the architecture to all designing procedures, it also help your app to increase its cost and reliability. A better understanding consequently bring an outstanding experience to those who are new to your project otherwise an app becomes maze for your new users.

4.       Complete Control Over Your App
An unambiguous documentation gives you the complete hold over the mobile app development project. This gives you an authority to change the developer on the go i.e., during the development which safeguards you from the dependency on your current contractor- if they are doing their work properly or not.

On the sum, these are the major benefits that you earn with the proper technical documentation for your project and that is how this documentation is an inevitable feature of mobile app development process.

In addition to that there are some more benefits that you add in your bucket with the proper documentation as in:
- It gives your contractor an exact picture of your desired product.
- It fend off the hassle in terms of project development evaluation.

- It ends up with the accurate budget you allocate for your project.

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