Friday, 28 April 2017

Mobile apps that are changing the scenario of real estate in 2017

Mobile Apps

With the help of digital marketing where realty developers have realised the fact that mobile apps play a crucial role where people are finding it quite convenient to explore the various options virtually rather than physically visiting over the location. Most of the information is accessed with the help of mobile apps, people are getting inclined to addict to their handset finding the most reliable way of getting the information apart from websites since the digital entices are transforming from website to mobile application development.
But the mobile app must be as effective to identify not only the potential buyers but the proper procedure of management.
Property Capsule
Property Capsule is a cloud based technology platform that helps the users to manage as well as present the property portfolio. This platform is known to keep property data, for instance property overview, site plans, agent contact, photography, maps as well as demographics in a central repository. By using a web based interface, users are accessed to update as far as property information is concerned in the system. Although company’s presentation module is rendered in Web, iPad, tradeshow, mobile and a digital leave behind. Property Capsule although based in San Diego, California incorporated in 2013.
eBMS /Capsule visit
With the seamless management of building control as well as monitoring through the iPod Touch, iPad , iPhone by using wireless or 3G network. The framework is based on Niagara AX framework from Tridium. It co-operates with fire alarm, intruder alarms, temperature control as well as other connected devices. Functions that are provided includes the monitoring and handling of data, extension of time schedule, accepting and clearing the system with the help of intuitive user interface.
Angus Mobility
Since the interception of Angus Anywhere for Blackberry application in 2000, Angus Systems has been a like a leader in mobile work order management solutions which supports virtually any mobile device. The mobility platforms possesses property and facility management in order to stay connected, informed as well as efficient. It consists of distinguished technologies which enable the myriad of users as well as devices. It mobilises the Property Management Team which can be accessed by users and devices which is common to the real estate industries.  
The power of LoopNet can be leveraged anytime and anywhere in order to find the lease space as well as identify the perfect investment property. It ensures that the app to keep you informed, productive as well as ahead of the competition. There are few features that really can make it worth comparable:
  • Advanced search filter: It is supported with the properties that meet the actual needs by utilising the specific search criteria as well as filter options.
  • Notifications and watch list: It adds watch list by tracking listings of interest and will be notified immediately as soon as there any change to the listings.
  • Detailed Property detail: Property data, videos and photos can be viewed over listing details. Hence it enables to connect to the broker immediately.
  • Multiple device capability: With the help of LoopNet account watched listings and saved searches can be accessed from any web or device.
  • List based search: It ensures search experience that can easily be customised where the search result can be easily displayed and adjusted.
Visual Lease
Visual lease is although commercial lease application developed by KBA Lease services. It manages the leases, keep monitoring on all dates, receiving alert notifications etc. Hence in order to manage the commercial lease contracts, this commercial lease is used by various industries and is bespoken from simple to the most complicated business requirements. The features that really makes it worth comparable:
  • Stores all the information related to lease
  • It creates the scenarios encompassing from simple to complicated one.  
  • Ad-hoc reports can be created according to the requirement irrespective to any field of the system.
  • Visual Lease Administrator: It is considered to be a part of the visual application lease which allows the customisation of visual lease as well as set requirements at the time of implementation.
These mobile applications are quite essential not only to identify the potential buyers but the management of the procedure within the organisation that would be seamless to implement. Hence appreneurs who wanted to create their own app can take the inspiration from the aforesaid apps and can make their survival long in real estate industry.

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