Thursday, 27 April 2017

Beat these Challenges to Make a Successful Mobile App

Just like websites thousand of mobile apps are built and uploaded on play store daily, even small vendors and businessmen have also embarked themselves upon in business. Now integration of mobile apps have turned into cars, cab, kitchen, movie tickets and many more but space in mobile has not increased at the same rate as mobile app development has so it is not a shocking fact that in every month unique user uninstall at least 1-2 apps from mobile. If mobile app is not up to the standard of user’s expectation then it will be uninstalled by user. A perfect app is an app that not only gives good user experience but also relevant and problem solving. These are few challenges that every app builder should beat to be in competition.

1: Size of Mobile App: When we find a good movie from somewhere then we delete old ones, in case of mobile app as well we uninstall old mobile apps when we get an app that would be better than previous one. To sort out this problem either you should make better app or update app time to time with better features or decrease the size of mobile app.

2: Diversification of Operating Systems and Platforms: Not only newer mobile apps but also new operating systems are being launched with rapid pace so it is essential for every app developers to be flexible. In recent years new updates of android, iOS and Windows have come into existence that has made the task difficult for each developer to change the strategies, even now in the gap of every 6 month new version of operating systems are updated.  In 2012 more than 4000 different devices were available in the world that is expected to touch 50000 by the end of 2017.
What should be done to resolve the problems?
  • Figure of the issues with emulator and test with real device, this may help to resolve the problems
  • Identify the target audience and find out the competitors data, then do the SWOT analysis this will help you to save time and money

3: Network Problem: The problem of network and internet connection is not widespread in every part of the world but in India it is a common problem despite launch of 4G. To sort out this problem you have to follow these steps:
  • Develop an app that can work even in poor strength of internet signal, Twitter is the live example of it.
  • Offer function of working offline like auto save etc.
4: Make App that will consume less battery: Some apps take a lot of loading time and consume battery; almost all the gaming apps consume battery because gaming apps required heavy RAM. It is the responsibility of every Mobile App development Company to develop an app that would run with less battery.

5: Security: Every mobile user wants to keep his/her data safe and security is a big concern for every user, a good mobile always has security assurance.

Conclusion: Competition and challenges are the part of every business and every entrepreneur has to go through it, with brainstorming and creative strategy and support of Mobile App Developers any problem can be resolved.

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