Friday, 11 August 2017

8 Best Online Shopping apps in Dubai

8 Best Online Shopping apps in Dubai

My previous article was written on the best apps available to make your Dubai visit memorable for visitors to Dubai. Now I come here with another amazing list of e commerce shopping applications to make shopping as much indelible. Even though Dubai is known as Shopper’s paradise with its large number of malls and stores, but battling its humid weather can be gruesome and anywhere in the world online shopping’s pleasure can be demeaned.
Here’s the list of some top popular shopping applications of Dubai available on Android as well as Ios.


The application’s popularity cannot be refused anywhere in the world. The app has been the reason that Jeff Bezos became the richest man on the planet. Amazing offers, large variety of products, faster delivery options and amazing customer support has spurted the growth of Amazon from U.S. to the world.


Shopping for groceries is also equally important. But does anyone pay attention equally to an app? May be not. Also one can’t live without groceries. App signed up with the local stores to provide you groceries quick and fresh; get live updates and choose from multiple payment options. The app currently serves Dubai and plans to expand to Abu Dhabi too.


Underestimating the local boy would be absurd. UAE’s homegrown seller has a lot to offer. It offers products to the genre of daily, clothing, electronics goods, baby products, etc. The application has an easy and accessible interface. Faster check out options and integration with major banks of UAE to provide products on credit too. Started in 2005 the company is in competition with its parent organization, Amazon.


The  top mobile application developers too understand that Dubai is a shopper’s destination. Perfectly catering to the needs of shopper is the motto of shopshopme. Making your experience a worthwhile the app brings you the best compared results of your search by compiling the search from hundreds of websites like Carrefour, Jadopado, etc. the filtering options of refining your search on the basis of price, material, brands and payments methods work to fulfill the customers’ expectations.


The application offers “free next day delivery” in the entire UAE. This app providing for fashion requirements of men, women and kids is working to earn its own land among other contenders. Personalizing your offers requirements and discussing your choice with your friends and family facility is offered by the app.


The app is all about mothers and mother think all about their babies. Products for mummies and babies requirements from birth to 12th of age are available on this site. Products from the local, regional and global sellers are available on the application to meet the needs. Bills worth 200 Dinar and above are delivered without any extra charges and delivered in the UAE within two to three business days.


Great offers are available on the next door and if you don’t know of them they aren’t any worthy. This app brings you the latest notifications on the offers given by the malls and top brands around you. Events, sales and promotions are all covered to save your big bucks on shopping. 15 malls are currently associated with the application and the app developer is getting others on board.


Wardrobe freaks you out? With the large chunk of unused and unworn clothes, accessories or shoes stashed in your wardrobe you are definitely screwed. Now getting rid of these unused items is easier with this app. Sheed helps you to sell your loved items with the snap of a picture. Private chats between traders, easy doorstep pickups and deliveries make experience livelier.
These apps are going to help you make your life easier especially in situations of shopping anxieties. Savings and offers are unlimited and priorities are yours.

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