Friday, 18 August 2017

WhatsApp Business Plan has Eyes to Capitalize the Budding Indian Market

The popular messenger is growing ambitious, developing new business strategies and exploring untouched venues. WhatsApp business plan is the latest strategy the company thought off to encash from the rising and budding Indian market.
It seems there is no halt to unfaltering growth of WhatsApp. What has emerged, initially, as a common platform for exchanging text messages, has gradually evolved into an aggregation of multiple applications, slowly intruding the social media platform. The already existing social messengers like Hike and Facebook felt the unperceivable challenge by its rising popularity which compelled Facebook to go for acquisition policy to beat off the threat posed by WhatsApp. Facebook made a whooping bargain of $ 19 Billion to the messenger in the year of 2014 and purchased it for good. Both, in turn, boosted the other in their annual turnouts.
The company, undoubtedly, has proved smart enough to keep its many users engaged and this new plan is just another example of a well thought out strategy. We are yet to witness How far this strategy will prove to be lucrative for the company??  
Facebook owned communication app had been tossing with the idea to optimize the money-making potentiality that the instant messaging platform already has for quite some time. Finally, the social messaging giant came up with the WhatsApp business solutions to be included into the application pretty soon and India will get to use this service first as soon as WhatsApp launches it sometime this year.
Allow me to give you a better understanding of WhatsApp business plan
India has proved to be a very profitable market for social media services like Facebook and recently for Facebook owned WhatsApp. Presently the instant messenger caters to nearly 200 million active users, connecting families and friends under its encompassing umbrella. It has constantly exerted efforts to find out and add new applications to keep the ever rising users satisfied and yearn for more.
In an attempt to make it more optimized, Facebook has decided to tap the money making potentiality Whatsapp’s business solutions have to offer.
This feature is quite different from that of Facebook at work.
This new ad on seek to benefit the millions of small merchants, neighborhood shop owners and doctors, already using this instant messenger, and are trying to connect with their potential consumers. The company will allow small business, brands, and enterprises to communicate with a wider consumer base, without spamming them. It is going to be a separate application that will entail sharing of targeted messages and videos.
This particular service will be first released in the Indian market. The rising young population of India has always been the choicest option for the company. Moreover the country has 35 million small and medium businesses, a huge sector for WhatsApp to monetize from and also prefer to leverage the budding market for their economic enhancement. Thus WhatsApp for business plan popped up keeping the budding Indian market in mind.
What is the future plan for WhatsApp??
If this idea gets clicked for Indian market, then it is highly likely, the WhatsApp enterprise solution will enter other markets such as Brazil and Indonesia.
Also, there are talks going around on possible digital payment option soon to be added to the messaging application as well.
Wrapping Up
You must not consider that WhatsApp’s business plan is a cover up to engage in monetizing via third party ads. Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, clearly stated, “We have this long-standing theme—no ads, no games, and no gimmicks,”
Neeraj Arora, head of business at WhatsApp, explained that, “If you are a small shop owner, and there is a bunch of people who buy from you, it will make communication easier,” 
Many business firms have already started utilizing this platform to improve their business communication with their key consumers. Examples:
  • A food delivery service, The Tiffin Carrier, in Assam, gets around 90% of its sales through the messaging app. Its founder Nayen Das pointed out that 80% of his conversations with clients are on WhatsApp.
  • Mukesh Patel, promoter of Gujarat-based solar power operator Sun Agro Systems, informed that he had been using WhatsApp for three years to stay in touch with dealers.
We do hope that WhatsApp’s business solutions for Indian market get clicked to befit the small enterprises.

What do you think about this new strategy adopted by WhatsApp??

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