Thursday, 31 August 2017

Want to improve your English Vocabulary: Check out these 5 English vocabulary apps

“People say jargon is a bad thing, but it’s really a shortcut vocabulary professionals use to understand one another.”                                                                                              Erin Mckean 
I withstand the fact that learning vocabulary is the skeleton where words are the flesh. But learning them is one of the toughest challenges since it is never-ending. Although, it is somewhat easier for native languages since they are practiced enough while exchanging conversation. But in that context, I understand that conversation do not cast a direct impact on mastering on vocabulary. Apart from that, there are various other issues like all languages are not equal to the learner. Like mobile apps have invaded in every domain, it is no longer left to make English vocabulary maestro to its users.

Certainly mobile app development has understood some of the issues and triggered in the best possible way like 24*7 accessibility to their users, so they render abundant material each time. Additional benefits are that in case if you have forgotten something from your previous learning. The user is enabled to learn from scratch with free or very minimal cost. Thanks to the ultimate innovation by mobile app development that has made the most difficult task quite simple.

1.     A Word A Day Widget
Rating: 3.6
“Learn one interesting word everyday and improve your English vocabulary!”
It enables the user to learn one interesting word every day in order to improve English vocabulary. It streamlines the procedure by enabling the user with one English vocabulary word, but it also includes the definition of the word and related few example of the sentences. It even enables the user to browse the entire history. Since, it priorities baby steps which are perhaps successful enough to get the long lasting knowledge to its users.
2.      Learn English Grammar UK Edition
Rating: 4.0
“Improve your grammar accuracy with over 1000 free practice question!”
By reinforcing English grammar skills the app offers 1000s of questions in order to practice. It enables the user to increase English grammar accuracy. The app is equally divided from beginner to advanced stage. It has everything for beginners from Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced, it provides English vocabulary exercises and English vocabulary tests in order to progress to the next level.
The content is released at UK and US editions in order to differentiate between British English and American English on the basis of usage, spelling and pronunciation. This app is entirely available in English, Spanish and Japanese.
3.     Vocabulary builder
Rating: 4.3
“Play this free game to build your vocabulary with 1200 words from Magoosh”
This is English vocabulary games especially for Android phone or tablet where the user is accessed to learn 1200 most important words. To strive the ultimate English vocabulary, the entire wordlist is selected and defined by Magoosh’s expert tutor, having teaching experience for more than 10 years. It focuses to make you master on the words that probably you do not know by enabling each level to beat, unlocking the harder one. This effective memorization strategy is effective to make a strong hold on English vocabulary.
4.    Vocabulary. Com
Rating: 4.6
“Expand your vocab with lightning speed! Master words in a fun, addictive game.”
It has established like an addictive game of English vocabulary app with its uniquely effective learning system. Powered by the smartest and fastest dictionary, this has truly expanded with the lightning speed. It spins around the sophisticated algorithm ends the user to effectively learn the language by bringing Science of learning to model into action. It personalises the learning by accumulating points, achievements and badges in order to make it more fun for users.
5.    Words with Friends
Rating: 4.5
“The best from Penny Dell Puzzles-includes Free Daily Crossword Puzzles”
Featuring best puzzles from Dell Magazines and Penny Press from easy to hard puzzles. Puzzles are ad-supported in order to help the best crossword puzzle app. It enables to use optional pen/pencil in case you are confident enough. Some additional features like convenient text, entry boxes, multiple setting options with robust app tour and helpful hints enhance the ultimate solving experience.
Summing up!         
Vocabulary has certainly moved from the periphery to central position. Like the mobile apps have triggered all the area of concern, which had made it difficult to attend the traditional methods of learning, reading and practice. These mobile application developers have enabled to start from any stage and their intrigued designs have successfully retained the users from elementary till the advanced stage.
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