Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Homes get smarter with these 6 spellbinding internet of things home devices

Have we just stepped into the future?? Holding the hand of internet Of Things, the many devices, described here, such as Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, iKettle etc. is likely to give you a similar experience. These ‘internet of things’ home appliances are bound to enhance your living style and convert your home into a smart abode.

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The concept of ‘Smart Home’, gives us a feeling that we are standing at the very threshold of a futuristic world predicted so often by the hi-tech films. We can thus safely say that the Future is here!!

Electrical devices imbibed with Artificial Intelligence can learn to operate on their own without receiving prior instructions from you such as Smart air conditioner adjusting temperature without receiving instruction from a remote system. Likewise, you can switch on or off any particular device by merely accessing your smartphone even if you are away from your house or while travelling. iOT makes this achievable to control the iOT devices by generating data through sensors installed within the device’s infrastructure. This is the modern way to live, courtesy the fast advancing technology coupled with innovative apps developed by either iPhone or Android app developers that is likely to change the age old living methods pretty soon.

Allow me to make you familiar with the following 6 internet of things home devices that will make you yearn for such appliances.

  • Amazon Echo- It is a compact cloud connected and voice activated smart speaker developed by Amazon comprising of 9.25 inch tall cylinder speaker with a seven-piece microphone array. It has multiple features embedded in its framework such as music player, create your own to-do list, set rising alarm, stream in podcasts, play audio books and feed in weather, traffic and other real time information. It is also capable of controlling other several smart home devices using itself as a home automation hub.
  • Wink and Philips Hue- This is your personal wireless lighting system which you can control and personalize such as adjusting the hue according to your mood and taste using the Philips Hue application. You can customize the light bulb hues to match the fitting moment or the time of the day and night by merely touching the application.  With Geofencing technology, your lights can even welcome you as soon as you enter your own house or switch off automatically no sooner than you leave your home.
  • iKettle- Imagine boiling water for preparing tea in your kettle without having to quit the comfort of your couch?? Sounds tempting Right?? Well!!This iOT smart kitchen appliance actually functions on this concept.  The iKettle, wired to the WiFi, can be easily accessed with your smartphone via the complementary application, instructing the device through the internet to boil water and keep it warm till you decide to make your choicest beverage. Also the hi tech application will greet you daily, either on waking up from your night slumber or entering your home after day’s toil, with a message asking if you had like the kettle boiled.
  • Smart Fridge- Internet refrigerator or smart fridge has been programmed to be smart enough to track the kind of products stacked inside the fridge through barcode or RFID scanning. It will inform you as soon as your stock needs refilling or if any stored item got stalled. There are many such examples of smart fridges in the market for you to choose from such as LG Internet Digital Dios, Electrolux ScreenFridge etc.
  • Nest learning thermostat- Do you wish to adjust the temperature of your room?? This particular smart home device can actually change the room temperature befitting your specified heating and heating preference. The handy little device is smart enough to control the heating and air conditioning systems in your house, a smart way for energy conservation.
  • Roomba 980- iRobot Roomba 980 is a Wi-Fi connected robotic vacuum cleaner that helps you with cleaning your house. The device can clean an entire floor of your house, recharging by itself when needed till it accomplishes the task at hand.
Wrapping Up
I believe such devices can take you to a completely different world and convert your sweet simple home into hi- tech abode. I know we buy those items that we have urgent requirement of or those which are a necessity. Yet at times you do end up making an extravagant purchase. So I will suggest at least purchasing one such iOT smart home device to experience and tasting the fruit of modernity. Fluper, a top mobile application development company, always uphold innovations as an important identifying factor distinguishing apps from one another and is quite likely to promote internet of things technology in its apps in the future.

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