Thursday, 15 March 2018

DIY to Keep Your Apple ID Safe !!!!

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DIY to Keep Your Apple ID safe !!!!

Apple devices are known for the security as they prefer to build the software and hardware side by side to not leave a scope for mistakes and keep it all closed for the world to use it and not exploit but due to Android making everything open sourced has attracted the market and Apple had to rethink their guidelines of keeping their resources to themselves and have started making selected methods open source to let iOS app developers grow so Has it given the hackers an access to the insides of the Apple credentials ?  Well it apple has got good brains to filter those hack attacks but we as a consumer pay enough money to have the secure device for ourselves and even though we believe in Apple's ability but the hack threats scare everyone so here are some do it yourself things you can do to keep your data safe and preventing the hackers to access your Apple IDs

Download a password manager now
The password manager is your saver as it has the ability to assign the non-crackable password for your account to make it unpredictable for hackers to replace the easy passwords. Using this manager generates the random infinite number of passwords for you that are computer generated and the hackers might get aged cracking those tough passwords.

Set up 2FA(two-factor Authentication)  
It was easy before to make transactions and even more easy for thieves to steal from you. Now every app is adapting two-step verification with a one time password for any transaction. So better set up two-factor Authentication process to make changes to your Apple ID so that it is hard for the hacker to change the settings of email id and contact even if he has successfully hacked the account.

Beware of Phishing Emails

Be a smart user and avoid falling into the trap of false emails by the hackers who send the pseudo email with same logo and font like that of Apple emails in order to extract your personal details by the click that you make in the email that is designed with some attractive offer which cant exist practically. Keeping yourself aware of such phishing emails can be a smart move from your end.

As iOS developers have been continuously giving options to secure the accounts on the app store it wouldn't hurt to take a look at some of them and understand the security methods instead of losing the entire data. So try it today and secure your Apple ID


The above is what we can pull off to save our internet data and being a tech-savvy we cannot afford to be fooled. The iOS app development might be running the research to keep our data safe alongside but smart ways to safeguard your details in the era where everything is available in the clouds and not safe. Fluper is one such mobile app development companies that make security apps for the users to install from AppStore. So don't just sit back and let the company do its job rather be alert and apply the preventions to safeguard your Apple ID.

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