Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Android Application Development for People with Disability

Android Application Development for People with Disability 

Some disabilities come with birth and some are accidental which can be dealt with all the solutions for the same is expensive and not for all. There is one advantage of technology developments there is always scope for innovating something useful for the people who are disabled. The mobile app development can also do a lot for these people who can have a chance of having a lifestyle like that of most of us. Most of the developers who have good experience with development are working on humanity now and using their skills to make life easier for adults and children struggling with nature's curse. 

Here are few Android apps for people with disability

1: Avaz 

This application is developed for people children who have the problem in verbal communication such as individual suffering from Autism. This application is available for iOS and Android users and the app allows the children to use symbols, voice, and pictures to develop the language skills for themselves

2: Be My eyes

This app is designed for visually impaired for their daily activities such as reading tiny dates on the products at a grocery store or recognize the surroundings. This iOS app connects the suffered from the volunteers via video who want to help them.

3: RIDBC Auslan Tutor

This app is great for people who cannot hear or speak but can see, the application allows them to learn the sign language through a video which has the meaning of the sign written beside and helps the disabled, as well as volunteer, learn Auslan to reduce the communication gap between the two. This initiative is taken by both iOS as well as android application development and is available for both the platforms.

4: Look at Me

This is another app for children suffering from Autism to help remember faces and understand moods through a video. The Android app was supported by Samsung and saw improvement among the autist users up to 60% for improving eye contact with people.

5: HearYouNow

This app was developed as a hiring aid which can be used by people who find it difficult to hear in a noisy place as the app adjusts the volume by filtering out the background noise. This app simply amplifies the conversation in meetings, restaurants, birthday parties etc. 

6: RogerVoice Caption calls

This application is used by impaired who have difficulting understanding and delivering a speech. The app captions the voice conversation in real time and the user can receive a text of what the person on the phone is talking about and the user can also reply to a text using this app.


The companies like Fluper who have a soft corner for humanity keep launching such apps in the stores to contribute their share to mankind and will continue to do so. These android apps may be difficult for them to operate but with a little help, they can use it for easing up their day to day activities to make them independent and reduce a little fear of living with Android apps.

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