Friday, 25 May 2018

Insta users will soon able to track time spent on the app

Wakey! Wakey! Insta addicts. The application is kicking in a new feature "time spent" for its users to track the time spent on Instagram which will go by the name usage Insights in the slide menu of the application which will probably put a reality check to many. This move is tricky as why would Instagram do this there is a possibility that the daily active users on Instagram will reduce hence, the popularity of the app might be compromised but this isn't a rumor in the mobile app development circuit as the CEO Kevin Systrom himself tweeted by saying 

“We're building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram – any time should be positive and intentional” 

So the Instagram is really worried about their user's health than the revenue and statistics of their business which may also work in the favor of the company and people incline more towards Instagram than snapchat as the war is always on between the two. Mobile app developers do not intend to roll out apps to develop bad habits by their users rather they just try to make their life interesting by giving the ease of living with technology like internet which is run by no one. 

Do all developers pledge to safeguard the mental health of their users?

The developers somewhere are aware of the possible drawbacks one might face with the application usage and with social media apps, there have been reports about trolling and excessive usage by children everywhere which may not seem much right now but the addition of the same is hampering the health of the teenagers. 

"Usage Insights” is an admirable attempt by Instagram through which not only the users would know how much time they have spent on the app but also the parents will be able to track the activities of the juvenile to warn them in time before they indulge themselves into the bad habits without encountering the after effects. Rest of the developer's community in iOS and Android app development should be influenced and make efforts to introduce one such feature in the application that deals with the harmful side effect caused to the users through an app in long term.

The feature has not been experienced by many yet but seems to have embedded into the code of the app for android platform. One more sneak out came about the Instagram updates along with the usage insight feature which is the emoji bar in the commenting section of the application and at Google I/O the Android time management tool also indicates that the feature is not a myth or marketing strategy. 

This new feature will definitely create a buzz on Instagram with users trying to handle it in different ways. Some might have a good laugh by posting the stats of their usage in the stories, some might have a setback with a reality check this feature might bring to their life and for the people who work on social media platform to promote their business can provide the hours spend promoting in their report at the end of the day. Scrolling like Zombies without any productivity is neither healthy nor sustainable. Therefore the measure taken by the technology experts seems like not just a concern for the mental well being of the users but also a long-term strategy to keep the popularity of the app intact. Fluper being the mobile app developer is highly influenced by this and endeavors to preach the same among its developer's community. 


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