Monday, 17 April 2017

Features of Android Nougat still favourable for business

Recently the latest Android nougat update has rolled out to be the Google’s most hands-on yet. As per the company’s latest upgrades which brought innumerable improvements as well as enhancements as far as Android’s smartphones are concerned as the company is still looking forward to assert its status as the World’s top mobile company. Now that Google has recently launched the public beta of Android 7.1.2 which has manifested the latest build of its software. Although it is a matter of concern how well the android application development companies would accommodate this technology.
In case you are concerned with the best iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, then the credit goes to Android7.0 Nougat which has made the multitasking quite easier.  According to a reliable source Google has recently released another preview of the next version of Android i.e. Android 0 Developer preview at Google I/O Conference in May. But here we are concentrating what we have received till date from Android Nougat. There are few of the features which can ensure its essentiality over the Android users:
  • Improved multitasking
  • Extended battery life
  • Improved messaging functionality
  • Seamless updates
These features are supportive enough to ensure its favourability over Android.
Ensures smoother multitasking
A bunch of multitasking tools would help the users of Android Nougat to do two things together. But what has made multitasking enable? With the addition of the split-screen mode which enables the users to run the two apps simultaneously. It comes handy for tasks for instance using the calculator app or referring the calendar simultaneously composing an email. Although this feature cannot be considered to be new, this feature has although been available on Samsung smartphones as well as tablets for a longer period of time but with the advent off Nougat, it marked its existence across all the Android devices.
Enhanced messaging functionality
It has come with easier response than ever as far as reply to the message is concerned. In order to fire off the text responses, instead it does not look to install the messaging app. It enables the response straight away from the slot of notifications which is considered to be seamless process that would end up saving time as well as beneficial to stay updated as far business conversations are concerned.  
Seamless alerts
With Android Nougat, it would enhance a better control over the alerts hence when a notification pop-up the mobile screen, by a long-press you can lock the app temporarily or notifications can be shown silently. It acts as an incentive to android app developers and also to those who don’t want to get off and on during meeting.
This would also save precious time of Android application development companies as well. Extended battery life
Google has updated Android 7.0 Nougat with the extended battery life with the enhanced version of doze feature that came into the existence last year.
Although low-power state is the most desired state when it has been idle. Even in Nougat, it has introduced with an improvised version of Doze which will put the app on low power state in case the screen is off. It would help the charge to last longer.
Smoother updates
Although updating is considered to be quite tedious as well as time consuming. It is so much tedious that Android users more likely to delay after being notified that a major update is available for the phone. But Nougat has promised that it would update your phone seamlessly its operating system in the background. It looks to just a reboot the phone in order to begin with the fully updated devices without waiting unnecessarily.
These are few of the features that would boost the business with the touch Android Nougat and ensure the long run survival.

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