Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What’s with the new iPhone X? A leak tells all!

All that could be known about the latest iPhone was trending on every tech website. With iPhone app developers showcasing AR enabled apps making headlines before the new phone’s launch it’s worth enquiring what the latest showstopper from Apple.
The prices? Yeah those were murderous but there’s something else, the new iPhone X. Doesn’t looks like Apple’s gadgets raining? So you must be confused which of the rumors were associated with which phone. So let’s begin to clear your doubts.
Just one important thing that must be disturbing every iPhone user. Which phone will have the AR enabled iOS app development technology? Relax, the AR technology will come with the new OS but the latest iPhone users will have that first.

iPhone 8 or X. What you should call it?
It is important to know that the company is aiming to launch three iPhones on 12th September. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the X. The mysterious new X phone has been loaded with the most exotic features ever to be inducted in any phone. The two other phones are basic upgrades to the previous iPhones 7 & 7 plus.
The two basic upgrades come with wireless charging, glass back panel and a new processing chip. Ram is said to be 2GB and 3GB in 8 and Plus (and X) respectively by MacRumors.
This ultimately points that the supercool features will be found in the iPhone X. Regarding the name, if you suspected the phone to be named against its tenth anniversary then you guessed it most close. The iPhone is the most successful product of Apple and the most sales driving product. Hence naming it X makes sense.
The credit for bringing out the name of the latest iPhone goes to the 9to5Mac.
The common features of the three iPhones are the features that will be same as the previous phones and maybe the dual cameras.
The exciting features that are making the customers crazy are be the O LED screen, Face ID in place of the finger print sensor, edges reaching 5.8 inch screen with adjustments for earpiece, sensors and camera. The Samsung’s like side screen is also suspected to be the latest addition to the spectacular features of the phone.
The purchasers must be worried about the new iPhone with the touch ID cum home button removed. To their concerns the new phone is said to be featuring new gesture controls to navigate through menus and phone. This should be considered a woe to the users who will have to learn about the various gestures that are sounding alike.
Animoji is another important feature which allows users to convert their facial expressions into emoji. This is a development over the AR feature before its initiation.
To augment the performance of the latest iPhones the company has incorporated a family of six cores processor chip. This comes as a surprise to all since all the previous iPhones only had two active cores at a single time. While this time all the six cores are alleged to be running at the same time as per engadget.
While these leaks have always been annoyance to Apple and every tech company, these leaks also turn on the excitement of the customers as well. There were reports that the leaks were the actions a rogue Apple employee but BBC has confirmed that the links and URLs sent to it were from an anonymous sender. 
Summarizing: The center stage which was occupied by iPhone 8 and AR enabled iPhone app development has been grabbed by the recent leak of iPhone X. The iPhone X which was nowhere heard has taken all the customers by storm.
Apart iPhones, the company is also launching Apple Watch and TV which are also scheduled on 12th September’s launch. Samsung’s also launching the new Note 8. The competition will be Clash of the Titans.
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